the cop who had a fetish for sodomy

one of my biggest fears is if they ever brought “stop and frisk” back in new yawk.
that is a way for police to search you with no reason at all.
( x learn more about stop and frisk here )
it was how many innocent black males went to jail too.
that was because they would plant evidence on you.
always remember that cops have a daily quota of arrests or tickets.

What if the crooked cop used “Stop and Frisk” as a way to sodomize you?

the hyena above,
who goes by marcellis blackwell,
did just that in st. louis to a number of victims.

via the root

A group of men came forward accusing 34-year-old Marcellis Blackwell of groping, sodomizing and other cruel claims of sexual abuse. Blackwell’s exposure began back in June when he was arrested for sexually assaulting a man whom he handcuffed near a high school, court records show. In September, he was indicted in federal court on 16 felonies after being accused of groping eight men he’d detained.

Soon, more victims came out to share their experiences and expanded the list of counts.

The federal indictment includes graphic details of instances in which men accuse Blackwell of sodomizing them with his finger and feeling under their clothing without the intent to do a police search. Authorities say they recovered a slew of video and photo evidence of these alleged encounters on his personal and work phones. Some of those photos appeared to be taken covertly in areas like elevators or bathrooms, according to the court document.

What’s worse is that the Feds say the ex-cop tried to cover his ass.

The defendant, acting in relation to and in contemplation of a matter within the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an agency of the United States, knowingly altered, concealed, covered up, and falsified a record with the intent to impede, obstruct, and influence the investigation and proper administration of that matter. Specifically, the defendant knowingly altered, concealed, covered up, and falsified a NCPC record by including a false statement in his written report of the arrest…” read the document.

Blackwell worked for the North County Police Cooperative for just over a year until the men started coming forward with their testimonies, per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He resigned following the first indictment.

i love how he had his crimes on his work phones.
not only was he a pervert but he was a raging dumb ass too.

Sidebar: why do people think their work devices are private?

i was even sent in a story ( x where he had a legit business that was a scam ).
he was a terror who was ultimately a dumb ass.
he probably did one crime and got comfortable that quick.
these types of hyenas always leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind them.
i’m glad they came forward to get him out of here.

this is type of shit is scary with crooked cops tho.
it’s wild when you think about the type of power many wicked jackals and hyenas have.
i do have a question:

Does anyone in The Foxhole have any tips to avoid being victims in these kinds of scenarios?

i know i’ve been told to never speak without a lawyer present.
many of these males were handcuffed and sodomized.

What do you do if you are ever in a situation like this?

article cc: the root

3 thoughts on “the cop who had a fetish for sodomy

  1. Seli, you are so right. And this man is not cute at all…on the outside or inside. Yet some of our Black gay brothers would make those ignorant statements because of his complexion. It’s just sad.

  2. If this were posted on a certain defunct website, because of his complexion, there would be comments of “He ain’t have to do all that, I would let him grope me with my consent” Who am I kidding? It would get those comments on twitter and tiktok today.

    What people don’t understand is..they know that. Which is why they feel bold enough to violate, disrespect and dehumanize and not respect basic boundaries. They don’t think you’ll report it because they look a certain way so why would they need to? Lies, they’re not ugly and only ugly people are predators….

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