usher got a knockout by diddy that sent him to the hospital?

“Now why am I in it?” Usher in his Nene Leakes voice.

folks are trying to get usher caught up (see what i did there?) in diddy’s mess.
ever since diddy got exposed by cassie,
the forests have been barking loud about his alleged bts behavior.
apparently and allegedly,
diddy put usher in the hospital at one point?…

did ya’ll think diddy put him in the hospital because…
an alleged bible study ran too long?

i’m so confused why diddy allowed his ex boduguard to talk for YEARS.
gene opened up a can of worms and now that shit has stuck to the walls,
all of these alleged stories are being used as evidence.

This is why I always say that if you had your paws dirty in the past,
you need to tie up all loose ends for your future.
Apologize to those you have wronged and make shit right.
Life has a way of bringing all your dirt to the surface.

usher will continue to pay this dust as he prepares for his tour.
the best option is the silent approach with shit like this.
everyone is watching for an slip ups to use against him.

Don’t be like Meek Mill responding to his allegations.

i’m shocked no one has called trey songz into question.

knockout said he allegedly saw trey at one of diddy’s freak offs.
a Foxholer sent me this alleged drop:


do you believe knockout?

why is he slurring so heavy?
if this is true,
does an nda even mean anything anymore?

This is why you gotta be careful who you let into your circle..

“circle” is meant to mean more than one thing.

2 thoughts on “usher got a knockout by diddy that sent him to the hospital?

  1. NDAs are useless if the person has nothing to lose. And these hungry, broke down, black ‘sex performers’ stay in and out of jail, so they REALLY ain’t got shit to lose.

    The only part that I have trouble w is how ppl w access to top of the line escorts find themselves in spaces w the likes of Knockout, let alone w the intention to have sex. Like, what? Sooo, they have standards for women but they all fly out of the window when they see a man? Any ole man will do?

  2. Maybe I am desensitized about alot of things because of social media but none of this surprises me.

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