usher “does” bad decision on a spiritual level

bey gets it right.
when she has a project coming out,
she stays quiet while promoting her brand.
at this point,
she doesn’t even give anyone interviews anymore.
she lets us feast on her drops and we do all the talking/fonting.
before and during her big moments,
she has mastered the art of silence.
during her downtime,
she is like a sleeping dragon who stays off the radar until she is awake.

Bey carries herself like royalty.

who just had a huge career resurgence and has everyone in lust

decides to go do this

um russell simmons was accused of sexual assault by a number of vixens.
it got so bad,
he left the country due to all the allegations.
( x a timeline of his alleged behavior )
( x his latest lawsuit )

what are we doing baby?

this is a bad look especially being wrapped up in diddy’s allegations too.
the good news is we will look past it due to the vocals and pecs alone…

the bad news is this will be added to the file if he ever gets caught up.

lowkey: bey uses social media perfectly for her caliber of celebrity.
i think you either follow her or follow the kardashian’s way of being a celeb.

3 thoughts on “usher “does” bad decision on a spiritual level

  1. Hello ???? “Birds of a feather” .

    How quickly the public forgets. That Vegas run was PR.

    Usher had his fair share of scandals….

    Sexual Misconduct from various women and a man
    Diddy and under age antics
    His son’s unfortunate drowning accident

    1. Btw, the guy who sued tried to sue him because Usher slept w the same woman/ex or something like that. No man has accused Usher of having sex w them.

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