yay! more fighting on reality tv! we haven’t seen that before!

when trash reality tv first dropped in the mid 00s,
fighting was the main draw on shows like bad girls club.

it was fascinating to see “real life people” doing this on tv.
when trash reality tv gave randoms storylines with lhhatl in 2011,
we tuned in because “such and such” had beef and by reunion time,
we just knew that they were gonna get “tah” boxing.

we have seen fighting over and over and over and over and
you get the idea.
so when natalie nunn and joseline decided to act like feral animals on “something”…

ETA: it seems they took it down but i’m sure its all over twitter.

…i had to ask myself,
in which i’ll ask yo

Is this really still interesting?

we have seen these two fighting many times before.
at this point,
they’re both only interesting because of their fighting.
instead of fighting like animals on “something”…

Why don’t they join the WWE where their talents will be appreciated?

i think reality tv has lost its luster tbh.
it is giving random’s jobs but its the same shit every season.
it’s regurgitated storylines with fighting as the backdrop.

There are regulars who appear on every season of different reality shows that are past their peaks.

there is no happy ending or retirement.
porsha left rhoa to have to come back for the same ol same ol.
it’s fighting and reading for memes and social media clout.

Reality TV is like the strip club at this point.
At some point,
you start getting too old for the pole.
Once you have reached your peak for the pole,
it’s time to start figuring out what your next move is.
Bow out gracefully and do something productive,
like I dunno,
go raise their kids.

joseline ain’t going back to the strip club but little does she and others realize

they are all stuck on that reality pole with no idea how to get off.

lowkey: it’s bad enough natalie nunn gave gays a platform to fight for views.
ay yi yi.

2 thoughts on “yay! more fighting on reality tv! we haven’t seen that before!

  1. Humans are animals and will always gather around a fight.
    ( Its in our DNA)
    ( Repeat)

    Think about it . Everything we do is based around these 3 things

  2. I was just saying this! Reality TV is dead. It’s now walking hand in hand w social media thirst (SM is literally the audition).

    The biggest reason is that the hood is winning. Everything being filmed on iPhones in an ADD based society gives access to any and everyone. And the hood is rock bottom. Ppl who’ll do anything, like twirk ass naked for a few $ and hood virality, will do so at the price point of someone w standards as low as theirs.

    Now that the hood has seen their homegirl from down the street get followers and a few hood club hosting gigs for fighting on some web reality show, they’re running to sign up. And the messy young queens w all of their baggage and delusions of grandeur (swearing up and down they’re living the lives of the Real Housewives) are the saddest of all, because they’ll be a coat and purse rack for a bird ho just to be there.

    Throw it all away!

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