It’s Never A Dull Moment With A Jayceon Taylor Dragging

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetwe haven’t talked about jayceon taylor lately.
he hasn’t posted any eggplants so “womp womp”.
so stevie j,
oh lhhatl fame,
saw a picture of jayceon posted up with joseline.
it was at a premiere.
i guess stevie j got jealous and had something to say.
jayceon came with the dragging and well…
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The Brawl That Left Weave Everywhere

Joseline-eat-mejoseline hernandez is having the best week ever!
first it was brought to our attention that she has an alleged drug problem,
then she was allegedly pregnant with rick ross baby,
and now she went bath salts crazy at the #lhhatl reunion.
so i don’t know if you may have heard,
but there was a brawl.
it involved a melee of people all coming for joseline.
miss deb.
of course tmz has all the footage…
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Stevie J and Joseline Caught Being Peasants On The Train?

523-Joseline-Posts-New-Photos-of-Stevie-J-3this goes to show how fake some rumors can be.
so bossip had an article of #lhhatl stevie j and joseline riding the train in new yawk.
this can’t be!
the puerto rican princess on the train!
they were alleging that mona wasn’t paying them at all for them to be on the subway.
i would have believed it,
but a true fox sees beyond the picture.
i found a slight issue when looking at the pictures tho…
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YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

kmichelleflowers-1370285546well it happened tonight…
what we where waiting for went down.
i wanted to see how mimi would have reacted.some flowers to the head requires a prompt ass whuppin’.
did mimi do it?…

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