Stevie J Produces Another Hit…. This Time A Punch from Mimi.


i would have immediately punched him once that napkin hit her nose.

mimi is starting to work out the same place joseline is.
stevie j better watch out.
his two main chicks learning the art of “whoop dat trick“…
stevie j just happens to be the trick in question.

check the following video of mimi having to regulate stevie j on the streets..


good to see her standing up for herself.
i wish her would do it with another wolf…
…but alas, the dick game be having you like that sometimes.

lowkey: good to see suge knight working in his new job as a bodyguard.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Stevie J Produces Another Hit…. This Time A Punch from Mimi.

  1. I saw that. I guess I can understand how a woman/man can hook to someone who means then no good. Mimi deserves way better though…Stevie J is a punk ass bitch man…true Jackal for real!

  2. I am not really mad at these ladies because they put themselves in this situation. I know they both sprung, but Mimi could really do better.I wonder what will be the final straw for her.

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