“Hi I’m Pregnant”: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered for IG

i have been loving the straights drama.
it always involves some cub coming into the world with ain’t shit parents.
they love to talk about “us” from their glasses dens.
i never understood why relations,
most of the times on a sexual foundation,
need to involve bringing a cub into this world.
they both don’t know each other,
but they assume they would make good parents.
well nfl baller wolf for the chicago bears,
dion sims,
appears to have did just that and didn’t even know it.
he was messing around with a ig attentionista named mimi:

…and got her pregnant.
how we all found out?
she blasted him on her ig via baller alert
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You Just Mad Because I Took Your Baby Daddy!


joseline hernandez not only took mimi the maid‘s baby daddy,
steebie j,
she also married his ass.
i think.
well thats what they’re saying.
who knows with those two crazies.
either way they got it on and poppin’ for the reunion 8/5 and 8/12

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YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

kmichelleflowers-1370285546well it happened tonight…
what we where waiting for went down.
i wanted to see how mimi would have reacted.some flowers to the head requires a prompt ass whuppin’.
did mimi do it?…

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YOUR 63rd THOUGHT: (63)

tumblr_mmejsmw9Rc1rwlmvzo1_500it was on like popcorn tonight.
it was fights everywhere.
k michelle vs rasheeda
erica vs scrappy and momma dee
stevie j vs jose….

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YOUR 62nd THOUGHT: (62)

love-hip-hop-atlantayou know i had to ask.
for those who didn’t see it…
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Mimi Finally Dropped Stevie J and Got A New Man?

mimi from love and hiphop atl got an alleged upgrade.
he is the owner of this body:

i got your full attention

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