“Hi I’m Pregnant”: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered for IG

i have been loving the straights drama.
it always involves some cub coming into the world with ain’t shit parents.
they love to talk about “us” from their glasses dens.
i never understood why relations,
most of the times on a sexual foundation,
need to involve bringing a cub into this world.
they both don’t know each other,
but they assume they would make good parents.
well nfl baller wolf for the chicago bears,
dion sims,
appears to have did just that and didn’t even know it.
he was messing around with a ig attentionista named mimi:

…and got her pregnant.
how we all found out?
she blasted him on her ig via baller alert

from what i’m gathering from this story,
i don’t think dion even knew she was pregnant.
he probably stopped fucking her and didn’t realize he left some nut behind.
i guess she thought she was special doing this:

i don’t think she knew she was just a blow up doll for his sexual needs either.
now they are stuck together for 18 years.
that is,
if he even claims that cub.
her dreams of being a wag may be flushed down the toilet.
the same way his sperm should have been.
straight wolves need to stop believing the following phrases:

“i’m on birth control.”
“you can pull out.”
“i’m not crazy.”
“i’m not a hoe.”

…especially the rich straight ones.
nothing good ever comes from those sentences.

lowkey: she was on the app ( x “plenty of fish” ) too.
she alleged works at quest diagnostics.
the jokes write themselves.

9 thoughts on ““Hi I’m Pregnant”: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered for IG

  1. both are truly at fault her because she saw a come-up out of this dumbass dude and him because he didn’t get condoms nor wear them.

    I swear I don’t get how dudes forget that women do and can get pregnant and their are things such as diseases. I promise straights judge us for being sex crazed yet and still….

  2. Sad all around…especially for the kid involved.
    These women go around looking for these athletes and entertainers to provide them with a designer lifestyle, but they don’t realize and/or understand that these guys are one injury away from nothing. That expensive lifestyle they live while they are PLAYING will drastically be reduced when the checks ain’t coming in like they used to, thanks to expensive tastes, baby mamas, etc.
    They’ll be taking the guy to court trying to get $$$ when dude probably broke as hell, since most of them don’t know how to manage their money.

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?

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