“The Walking Dead”: Lit Season Finales To Boring Seasons?

bye sasha.
she went out like a g tho.
it was good to see abe again too.

“the walking dead” has ended another season and i feel…


it’s these big bang season openers,
a snooze fest of filler episodes,
and then an emotional gang bang of a season finale.
what happened to the show i loved?
every episode had something exciting going on?

i’m not saying someone has to die every episode,
but where is the well written suspense?
they spend so much time on vacations with these shows,
it takes away from the plot.
i don’t know who is writing for this show now,
but they need to get them back.
tonight’s episode felt like a mid season finale.
they are going to continue on with this extended war with negan next season.
…and negan.
i’m sooooooo tired of negan.
the governor wasn’t as annoying as a villian.
i hated the govenor for his ruthlessness.
i hate negan for his long and drawn out speeches.
spoiler i was hoping sasha would have eaten him tonight.
i need his whole death next season so we can move on.

lowkey: i want a tiger.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on ““The Walking Dead”: Lit Season Finales To Boring Seasons?”

  1. I was not thrilled with the season finale either. It was weak.
    I’m tired of the Saviors and their bullying tactics. It’s time to get rid of them and move on to the next baddie.
    If they stay true to the comics though, Negan doesn’t die.
    I was wishing the tiger would kill Negan’s second-hand guy. I REALLY hate that character.
    Side note….Negan got a few good lookin’ brothas on his team! Them ATL extras are cuties! LOL

    1. ^sasha’s death was actually a snow 🐰 death i saw.
      she had on a hood and when they handed her over,
      she was already a walker and she bit someone.

  2. Jamari you so right. Yup I used to love the Walking Dead but it’s getting to be same-old, same-old. They meet a villain, overcome them, hope for a better life, meet a villain, overcome them…rinse repeat. It happened with the Governor, with the Cannibals, with the Wolves and now with Negan who bores me because he talks too damned much. I mean, why doesn’t someone just walk up to him and smack the fuck out of him and stab him? They have had ample opportunities — he brings Rick’s folks over to hobnob with him all the time. This series is getting boring because it’s getting illogical — at first you could really imagine this is what life would be like after a Zombie apocalypse. But now it’s getting to be more and more like a boring comic strip. Because we are five to six years after the apocalypse happen and folks are starting to form societies. There aren’t that many people so why not work together? Why all this fucking fighting?

    P.S. Sasha went out like a champ!

    1. ^i agree.
      it’s getting too repetitive now.
      it doesn’t excite or inspire anymore.
      it’s the same ol story.

      weren’t they supposed to be at the White House?
      or was that a rumor?

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