Lil’ Wayne and Stevie J Kiss On Stage… Who Is The Wolf?

i guess joseline was right?….


hair to pull from the back.
a fat bubble ass.
do i even have to ask?

deep down,
i feel like weezy gets access to some good pipe in him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne and Stevie J Kiss On Stage… Who Is The Wolf?

  1. I am not buying this whole kissing mess. It looks like Stebbie was whispering something to Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne wiped his face (Steebie’s sweat).

    I think it’s kind of juvenile that people are reaching based on a 10 sec video from an awkward angle.

    I guess those claims from Joseline doesn’t help either. But for real, what’s the big ideal?

    Another reason I doubt because of that massive crowd, SOMEBODY would have snagged a full frontal view

  2. That didn’t look like a kiss to me…

    Granted, Lil Wayne kisses Baby, so I wouldn’t be surprised, but still…and like Luckey said – someone would have more info about it & a better angle.

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