Natalie Nunn’s Husband Gets All Wet

there is no doubt that natalie nunn’s husband isn’t attractive.
plus, he has a body for a J.O.B, so i was all on it.
plus, he is a pre baller wolf.
he decided to cool off in a way i’m sure deserved a 1,001 liked instagram shot…

sign me up.

im hearing that they are frontin about this whole marriage thing.
this is natalie nunn we are talking about…

only doing it so they can get a show.
shiiiiiiiiiiit, i’d do the same.
and in the contract, i get the pipe all the time.


^is that a peen profile in the end?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Natalie Nunn’s Husband Gets All Wet”

  1. Lawd have mercy…get out of my head Jamari…I was on dude’s twitter page the other day and damn near lost my mind. Yes I know he is young but damn he is P.H.Y.N.E!!!!

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