f0xmail: Im In Love With A Stripper Wolf and So Is Everyone Else! Help!



I’m going on year two in the ATL and I have fallen hard for a stripper. He does his work and comes homes to me but since he is bi-sexual, I feel like I’m competing with the foxes and hyenas in order to have his attention.

He has goals and ambitions and wants me included with them but I can’t shake all the females (or its more of him) that can’t shake them off with the texts and meeting them at the club esp. when foxes, wolves, and hyenas bring their “female” foxes.

I have fallen hard and we got so much in common but I want him all to myself and not share with anyone (Foxes or wolves included).  Any advice?


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WOLF MEAT: (Baller Wolf Cheeks: 105)

“yo t, can you get my charger.
it’s pulled in that wall socket!”…

… my charger is actually behind my back.
i was trying to see his.

so my fav STAYREADYRED has another tyson gay video for your morning joy…

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Natalie Nunn’s Husband Gets All Wet

there is no doubt that natalie nunn’s husband isn’t attractive.
plus, he has a body for a J.O.B, so i was all on it.
plus, he is a pre baller wolf.
he decided to cool off in a way i’m sure deserved a 1,001 liked instagram shot…
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