f0xmail: Im In Love With A Stripper Wolf and So Is Everyone Else! Help!



I’m going on year two in the ATL and I have fallen hard for a stripper. He does his work and comes homes to me but since he is bi-sexual, I feel like I’m competing with the foxes and hyenas in order to have his attention.

He has goals and ambitions and wants me included with them but I can’t shake all the females (or its more of him) that can’t shake them off with the texts and meeting them at the club esp. when foxes, wolves, and hyenas bring their “female” foxes.

I have fallen hard and we got so much in common but I want him all to myself and not share with anyone (Foxes or wolves included).  Any advice?


tumblr_mvm7joPuGA1r86gcro1_250 tumblr_mvm7joPuGA1r86gcro2_250tumblr_mvm7joPuGA1r86gcro3_250so you fell for a skrippa wolf?
i bet the death stroke knocks you out cold.


well all i can say in this case is you should know what you are getting with a skrippa.
his job is to turn people on,
so he’ll have people who are actually turned on and ready to experience a ride on his magic stick.
some will pay him big money just to do so.
dating a skrippa is like dating a (pre) baller wolf.
there will be hoes EVERY GATDAMN WHERE.
they will go to great lengths to feel his… length inside them.
your hoe-drive will constantly be updated with new threats.
some might scale the sides of your crib,
others may disguise themselves with hoe-fessional “job titles”,
and the rest will scatter around like roaches.
this is the nature of the beast.
you just have to trust he’ll be faithful and not fuck up.
doesn’t matter how good you suck or fuck him,
or what his job title or sexuality happens to be,
if a man wants to cheat then he will.
your job is to:
be a good faithful boyfriend

don’t be the “nice” fox all the time
give him a little shit every once and a while
don’t act jealous like you forgot who you were

listen to him when he has issues
massage him when he needs one
strive in becoming a more emotional relationship than just a sexual one.
…oh and give him grade a sexual experiences when he’s a good boy.
that’s what being a fox is all about.
hope that helps.
any thoughts?

lowkey: oh,
make sure he mingles with the fat and ugly ones.
they tip better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “f0xmail: Im In Love With A Stripper Wolf and So Is Everyone Else! Help!”

  1. He’s a stripper. He gets money and personal satisfaction from his ability to make men and women hot for him. You are sharing him now, have been sharing him since you met and will continue to share him as long as you are together. He hasn’t changed. You have. If you can’t deal with sharing him and have lost the ability to delude yourself into thinkng he is faithful, step. If you want some gay version of leave it to Beaver, date a librarian not a stripper. It might not work then either. But at least you won’t seem stupid when you complain.

  2. I mean yes you love him and in happy for you….. Buuuuut he is a stripper what more do I expect. The str8 wolves prolly go through this to when their girlfriends are strippers. It’s just the nature if the beast. Just do your best and continue to support him and it should all play out. S/N does he dance for you at home? Does he have stripper friends? Do the other strippers also get down????

  3. Does anyone know where I can watch that video of Bolo? There nothing more hotter than a man letting those bubbles sliding down on those fine, firm, brown cheeks.

    Dating a bisexual must be really hard! I almost dated a bisexual, but when he told me that he wants a girlfriend and want to be with me at the same time, plus have unprotected sex…. Hell no! I appreciate the thought, but I can’t. I just hope that guy doesn’t get his heart broken.

  4. Listen man, it is just one of those things that you will have to deal with if you are going to be with him. I know you are in love with him, but you knew beforehand that dating a stripper comes with certain amount of attention from people, men and women. Do not give him an ultimatum or anything like that because you knew what you were getting into. You should have addressed the fact that he is a stripper at the beginning of the relationship. You should have asked him when he might stop stripping? What are his future goals? He has to have a future plan because he can’t strip all his life, and even if he could that is just unacceptable when he reaches a certain age.

    The question lies with you tho. Are you going to be able to handle the fact that he strips? If you can’t, then you should break up with him.

  5. Raising hand and quietly exiting out of thread as I have a fetish for strippa’s so I can offer no help, and more than likely may be part of the problem. But good luck to you anyway.

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