Sweet Guest Home Alabama

postagestampsbamajamari fox did alabama.
it was interesting.
well when i first got there,
i hated every minute of it…

i’m sure those who read my twitter saw me complaining every second.
i personally gave no fucks.
i’m definitely a city kid and I’m not use to “roughing it”.
the drive there was close to 8 hours,
which i ended up driving half the way.
i actually missed driving once i got behind the wheel.
i whipped the fuck out karaoke’s car.
i had to remember i had an expired license and wasn’t gonna spend it in jail.
when we got in alabama,
it was COLD AS HELL!!!!!
like back in ny cold.
imagine coming from wearing shorts to 35 degree weather?????
the trailer home was located deep in the woods somewhere.
the road had no lights and was on a dirt “horror movie” kind of road.

IMG_0235i was waiting to hear “kill, kill, kill… die, die, die…” echo out of nowhere.
when we arrived,
i greeted karaoke’s mother,
who i haven’t seen in a long time.
at first she didn’t know who i was,
but when she saw me,
she instantly remembered.
when i got in the crib,
the thanksgiving food was already cooking.
she gave me a sample of the best turkey necks i tasted in a while.
the meat was literally fallin off the bone.
soon after,
3 other of karaoke’s relatives showed up to stay for thanksgiving.
it was humans every damn where.
one bathroom.
you get the drift.
to make matters worse there was no wifi,
nothing on tv,
and a child who was loud and wild as fuck.
plus i get getting emails from f-bi about things to update.
yeah i was tite.
this was the view of the front and back yard:

there was no other sign of civilization for miles.
well besides some deer that ran me back in the house.
thanksgiving was great and the food was even better.
macaroni pie,
turkey necks,
pasta salad,
collard greens,
and other goodies.
i started talking and being more interactive with everyone.
no use in being anti social on the couch over something i couldn’t change.
they were all fascinated with my new york stories.
“big city boy in the country, huh?”
even though i tried to paint new york in a great light,
i doubt they will ever move there.
they’re use to what they’re use too.
i respected that.
we went to the ghetto walmart later on where i witnessed the grace thursday madness.

walmartthe southern wolves were okay.
i didn’t see anyone who stood out honestly.
i guess a good scrubbing and some dressing would make them a lot more delectable?
plus the outfits were kinda… no.
does every southern wolf wear chinos with hush puppies?
i bought a couple of items on sale and things got better.
i had to be grateful to not be back in new york,
by myself,
feeling sad,
and eating for one.

giphywhen we got back,
we were greeted by other family members who were leaving that came to visit while we were gone.
my eyes opened wide when this tall yellow wolf walked out,
looking every bit like a pre-baller football wolf.
his southern swagg was so damn sexy.
the sweater and jeans he had on fit perfectly.
she introduced me to him and he was so polite…
…as well as his fiance.
she was actually really pretty.
dark skin and kinda looking like malinda williams from soul food.
i had to silently applaud her for getting his fine ass to put a ring on.

tumblr_mln1pqRrr61s9adcso1_500they all went back for black friday EARLY.
i was sleep.
fuck that.
they ended up buying a modem the next day so i was able to get on wifi.
jesus please hold my mule so i can shout!
my odee posts must have tipped you off.

we left early saturday morning,
and i mean 600am early,
back to florida.
i kinda didn’t want to leave,
but i missed having my own bathroom so i got over that real quick.
i took some pictures of the journey in alabama:

i saw cows yall.
i aint never seen a real life cow.
i also thought piggly wiggly was a made up grocery store for movies.
i wish i would have gotten some pictures of the plantation style houses and the large fields.
it definitely looked like slaves worked there.
all in all alabama was cool after a while.
karaoke’s family was extremely hospitable as well.
next time i go…
5 star hotel please.

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18 thoughts on “Sweet Guest Home Alabama”

  1. EWWW! Alabama looks like hell plus a little bit like Maine, so now you know what it like for me living here with these backwards people. I seriously can’t wait to moved back to New York. But seriously those fotos gave me the spooks.

      1. Hell yea! I live in a small town and my friend invited me to her place for the weekend and I didn’t know she live in the woods like way down from the town. It was so spooky because it black outside and being from the city I am so used to having lights out and being able to see my hands and reflection on the ground. You don’t know how much I miss New York especially the little things that I now appreciate.
        I want to apologize to NY because I used to speak so badly about it and took for granted. I am so sorry.

      2. Nah, I don’t see why y’all were complaining. City people always complain about how rude the people are and how dirty it is, but as soon as they get away from it all they still aren’t satisfied.*side eye*

        I have lived in the country all my life and I love it. It feels good to be away from everyone else sometimes, and it is a good place to mentally vent. Walking in rural areas is amazing, especially when it is cool and you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes biting you. Don’t get me started on sitting on the porch taking a nap with the birds literally chirping in your ear(they get a little close sometimes lol). The only thing you have to worry about is the raccoons, deers, and other stray animals. I live in the city when I am in school and I love it there too. I love how the lights light up the sky at night, and I love all the different types of people. I appreciate both words. I have a city side and a country side.

  2. I’m from Bishopville South Carolina so I’m used to rural areas, but that right there looked like the BOONS. Damn homie! Atleast you had fun…right?

    1. ^lol fly,

      i was straight up bored the night we arrived and then thanksgiving tho.
      i couldn’t update,
      nowhere to take a walk to,
      and nothing on tv was interesting.
      i sat there twiddling my thumbs.
      when it got dark,
      it was DARK.
      once they got that wifi,
      i just watched movies and listened to music in my headphones.

  3. I told u the south was cold and eww you were in Auburn territory that part of the state is empty until you get to Montgomery which is one big run down ghetto. Hope you enjoyed the hospitality and humility you experienced in the south.

  4. Reminds of my summers as a youth when I would get shipped off to my grandmothers. I enjoyed it though, because I was young and didnt know anything different, it wasnt until I got older that I started to notice that I talked different and dressed different and my grandmother friends would go on and on because they thought I was so smart. I remember as a teenager going to the local swimming pool and being mesmerized by the lifeguard. He was probably just a couple of years older than me but OMG was so damn fine I can still remember him and I actually seen him in his Bday suit once while changing and I almost lost it lol, Damn I just told off on myself, looking at boys even back then. Too bad you didnt get a chance to go to any social event while you were down there, you would have gotten lots of attention by your talk, and style of dress. Nothing like walking into a spot and all eyes are on you both male and female. The locals can always tell you are not from a certain place.

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