Paul Walker’s Final Update On His Social Networks

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.15.38 PMthank you also to my in-house f-bi who also confirmed paul walker passed away.
that was my sexy snow wolf and his deep sea blue eyes will be missed.
the fast and the furious movies just won’t be the same without him.
may he rip.

x his facebook
x his twitter
x his website

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3 thoughts on “Paul Walker’s Final Update On His Social Networks”

  1. Sad for Sure and Prayers For Family Members left behind ……… It needs to be another wake up call……… Drinking and Speed Never Ends Well.

    1. Someone posted this on Reddit:

      I’m posting this with a throw away account because I don’t want to profit from this tragedy, but here are some facts about the accident today that everyone needs to know:

      I was at the event an hour before the crash and 3 of my close friends were first responders at the scene.

      Paul was NOT driving the car, the car was being driven by Roger Rodas, his business partner at Always Evolving

      They were NOT street racing – There was no other car involved

      The only car involved was a Porsche Carrera GT owned by Always Evolving, which is part owned by Paul Walker

      The crash happened on a quiet industrial area, directly in front of the AE shop

      Paul was there to support a Christmas Toy Drive – This was NOT a racing event / underground street race / anything of the sort

      Roger lost control of the car, spun, hit a pole and the car broke in half and burned

      Edit: There were NO DRUGS and NO ALCOHOL involved, at all. There was zero alcohol at the event.

      Paul was a very casual acquaintance of mine, I doubt if he even remembers who I was, but he was very close friends with a good friend of mine – Paul was was very gracious to everyone he met and an overall nice guy.

      Please help me dispel any rumors that could taint his memory – Yes, he was the Fast and Furious guy, but street racing and endangering lives was not his thing.

      Paul has done great work with his charity Reach Out WorldWide including sending medical teams and supplies to the Philippines recently.

      Clarification: I was NOT at the scene and was not a witness, I left to go get some food and heard about the accident and the fire dept was already gone by the time I returned.

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