let’s take a trip down south

i haven’t left this city since i went to tampa.
that was like 2016-ish.
so when a friend hit me up last week and said:

“Pack a bag and be at the airport for a 7am flight.
just bring a little spending money cause i covered everything else…”

…i couldn’t turn it down.
where in the world was i going?

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Sweet Guest Home Alabama

postagestampsbamajamari fox did alabama.
it was interesting.
well when i first got there,
i hated every minute of it…

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Claire De Lune

tumblr_mvwf6nKo3B1qk91wgo1_1280“ugh they make you take off your shoes too?”
that was the thought in my head…

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This Ain’t The End (But A New Beginning)

tumblr_lqmecai9jg1r08hw5o1_500bags are packed.
checklist is pretty much checked off.
my anxiety is on full throttle.
I’m about to leave to the airport,
but i had to write this before i left.
i’m pretty excited about where I’m about to go.
don’t think you all won’t be joining me at that place.
i wanted to do pray before i left.
now i know some people might be screw face,
but i’m already screw facing you.
anyway lets get to this prayer real quick…

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I Dont Wan Nah Lotta Baggage Pon Me

okyes^this is the kardashian baggage when they travel.
this is the first time I’m getting on a plane in a while.
a long while.
when i was younger,
my parents use to always take me here and there.
after they died,
it was car,
or train to whatever destination i was headed too.
plus 9/11 scared me from even getting on a plane again.
next week however,
i will be facing that fear head on to go down south…
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Only In New York Would Jay-Z Be On The Train…

jay-z takes a quick field trip at canal street?
the mta has the best entertainment.

i know of…
anne hathaway.
lamar odom.
and beyonce (she was doing promo for b’day and rode the b train) was on the train.
you can catch baller wolves of all kinds in soho shopping.
it is nothing to see a celeb going about their business in new york.
we don’t really care honestly and probably wouldn’t recognize them.
well, the pandemonium jay brought when he got on the R to head to the new stadium in BK

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