I Dont Wan Nah Lotta Baggage Pon Me

okyes^this is the kardashian baggage when they travel.
this is the first time I’m getting on a plane in a while.
a long while.
when i was younger,
my parents use to always take me here and there.
after they died,
it was car,
or train to whatever destination i was headed too.
plus 9/11 scared me from even getting on a plane again.
next week however,
i will be facing that fear head on to go down south…

i don’t know how to pack for this trip.
i literally just stared into my closet and smh.
what kind of clothes?
how much underwear?
should i bring my products?
i only want 2 bags with me.
when i went to dc for that weekend trip,
i nearly packed my whole crib.
i’m here wondering if i should bring my game system?
hell my tv?

seriously i’ll be staying with karaoke down there.
she is really laid back.
isn’t a hoodrat.
extremely professional.
not into the club scene like that.
has a kid.
when we get together,
fun times are always had.
i’m really excited to be with someone that knows me.
i get to spend the holidays with someone like family.
so i have to ask the foxhole who travels a lot:

what should be in my suitcase?

lowkey: this trip will bust my traveling celibacy.
ima want to go everywhere after this.
baller wolves reading:
take note.


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8 thoughts on “I Dont Wan Nah Lotta Baggage Pon Me”

  1. Hey J, just bring you enough to fit into a gym bag but something that you can switch out like two pair of jeans, workout shorts, regular shorts and a pair of sweats, a couple of Tshirts, a hoodie to travel in,no one in the south really dresses up and Im sure as stylish as you are you are going to stand out anyway , the idea was good about a good functional jacket or even vest, just two pair of sneakers a dressy pair and functional pair, and some flip flops; pack a couple of thermals to wear under Tshirt in the small event it actually gets cold. I say leave the gaming system and bring a couple of books. It will force you to read for entertainment and also no game will be good for you to be able to talk to your friends and just think without concentrating on the game. I would say leave all social media and just relax and clear your mind, enjoy the sunny weather of Florida and hopefully since you are in Central Florida it wont be too far from a body of water. Just go there and think about nothing. Glad you are able to get away. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself.

    1. Think about the weather where you are heading, plan for what 1 day clothing would look like , multiply by the amt of days. Also depending on te reason for the trip, plan going out on the town clothing, sleepwear, shoe needs, meds if needed, soap, toothbrush, etc. Get travel packs in CVS etc. I travel 4 times a year to Jam, San Fran, LA. Have fun relax. Jet Blue Airways is great for Transcon cross country flights.. avoid American, United airlines.

  2. Where in the south are you going? I was raised all through the south so maybe I can help. Do not let “Oh it doesn’t get cold in the south” fool you. In Alabama it was 26 degrees the other day. A few years ago it snowed in atl and dallas. ALWAYS bring your gaming system that way you and the kid can hang out and you wont be bored. You should be able to fit a console in a regular bookbag and depending on the airline backpacks don’t count as carry-on’s because they can fit underneath the seat. Don’t bother trying to bring new tubes/bottles of toothpaste/mouthwash as they will make you throw those away if they’re a certain size. Wear shoes that can quickly be put on and taken off as TSA are unbearable.

  3. Why do rich people buy Gucci baggage! I don’t get it- does it compress the clothes, keep it from smelling nice or have a fort knox opening system!
    I swear rich people just buy gucci stuff to return it when they are broke!

  4. Don’t bother packing a bunch of sweaters, hoodies, etc. Bring ONE jacket that goes with everything, and you should be ok. In central Florida this week highs are in the 80s and lows are in the 60s. It’s hot (pack T-shirts) when the sun is out, and its cool in the evening….bring a few long sleeved shirts (and even those aren’t REALLY necessary).

    Glad you’re taking time to recharge and get your mind right. You deserve it. Don’t let the sunny weather fool you into running away permanently from NY though lol, esp this time of year. I’m wishing you the best!

  5. Before you start packing, you need to confirm how much you’re allowed to pack. Depending on which airline you’re flying, there are limits to how many bags you can check-in, and the weight of each bag. After not flying anywhere for 2+ years, I was so excited to fly, I basically packed my whole wardrobe. Big mistake. Since my bag was 50+ pounds, I had to pay $35 dollars per bag. Since I was broke at the time, couldn’t pay, and the gate attendant gave me a trash bag (yes, a trash bag), to put some clothes in it so I could carry them on, which totally fucked up my wolf-swag. Hope you have better luck.

    I know you’ve been going through some tough shit this past year, and hope wherever you’re going, you enjoy yourself, can recharge your batteries, and when you return to the Concrete Jungle, you’ll have a great job/career waiting for you.

    1. ^thank you rashad!
      i really appreciate the positive energy you just gave me.
      for the first time in a long time,
      im actually really happy and calm.
      i actually gasped at what you said about them giving you a trash bag.
      im about to do some intel on that right now.
      ill ex nay on the video games and tv.

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