Booby Gibson Looks Better When He Busts

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 1.19.45 PMwell it looks like nba free agent wolf booby gibson may have took my advice.
well here’s hoping.
it seems him and his wife “?”,
ex wife,
or “on the way to be” ex wife keyshia cole are having fun bustin’ alleged shots at each other on instagram.
seems like he finally took off the glove and allegedly busted a good one…

i see what he did there.
smiling and everything.
i was actually expecting something pretty “drake like“,
but this will have to do.
i know 1 thing.
he is a free agent and his bread should not be feeding the birds.
he could pay my rent this month since he is so giving.
s’all im saying.
lets see him get on a team,
meet a new vixen,
and leave the past behind.
now that would be the better ending.
don’t you think?

x see his instagram for more bustin’

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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