The (Hard)Working Results of Omar Bolden

ya know…
i’ll be minding my business on tumblr and fine wolf will drop down my timeline.
the latest is nfl baller wolf,
omar bolden,
who is a currently a free agent.
he played ball for the denver broncos for 4 years.
well when i saw this
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The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.50.28 PMguess whose wolf ^that is?
not mine.
after what i read about that wolf,
i’m thankful.
so you know when you become popular,
your stock starts to rise and more prospects cum for you.
you can go from “being lonely” to “fuckin’ the finest animals ever”.
well that may have happened to one of my favs.
check out who that piece of meat may belong too…
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Everybody Is Talking About How Big LaRon Landry Is

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.34.27 PMokay so bad news.
baller wolf,
laron landry,
is a free agent.
good news.
everyone is taking about how big he is.
i don’t mean that place i try to imagine.
everyone is talking about his arms.
fox sports being one of them.
one of my f-bi sent me this picture and…
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Booby Gibson Looks Better When He Busts

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 1.19.45 PMwell it looks like nba free agent wolf booby gibson may have took my advice.
well here’s hoping.
it seems him and his wife “?”,
ex wife,
or “on the way to be” ex wife keyshia cole are having fun bustin’ alleged shots at each other on instagram.
seems like he finally took off the glove and allegedly busted a good one…

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Deshawn Stevenson Is Now Bowing Down To King James?

nba baller wolf,
deshawn stevenson,
has learned that what goes around comes around.
sometimes you may have to eat it as well.
deshawn is probably going to be a free agent

x see here

…and is campaigning to get on the miami heat HEAVY.
that campaigning has gone to his twitter account

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Baller Wolf Kevin Thomas Needs To Get Signed Again

tumblr_meh2qlgLxT1qk5j8to1_1280everyone meet kevin thomas.
he is a free agent who use to play for the buffalo bills.
i may need them to draft kevin again.

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