The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.50.28 PMguess whose wolf ^that is?
not mine.
after what i read about that wolf,
i’m thankful.
so you know when you become popular,
your stock starts to rise and more prospects cum for you.
you can go from “being lonely” to “fuckin’ the finest animals ever”.
well that may have happened to one of my favs.
check out who that piece of meat may belong too…

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.45.16 PMmy vixen,
taraji p henson.
that wolf?
his name is kevin hayden.
a free agent nfl baller wolf.
he hasn’t played ball since 2014.
well when that picture popped up today,
the forests also lit up.
it seems the that kelvin allegedly gets around.
well according a very interesting email from “the shade room”:

Dear TSR,

So here I am, scrolling down my feed right before I commit to getting my beauty sleep and what do I see? I see my favorite actress Taraji P. Henson photo’d holding hands with Kelvin Hayden; a man who I know is definitely involved with my close friend!

So, what do I do? I call up my friend to tell her the TEA and although she was hurt, she wanted nothing to do with this due to her career. But I’m not letting Kelvin slide or else he will continue to hurt more women! 
Kelvin and my friend have a rocky but happy relationship but they are still very much together and have been for a year now. She’s already met his family and they just had a convo about her moving to where he’s at in Chicago! She’s a good hard working career woman and doesn’t deserve to dogged out! 

In fact, Kevin & Taraji were together two weeks ago when they went to exercise with his friends. But wait there’s more.I have proof that Kelvin was with my friend JUST a week before that. I have pictures of them on vacation, hanging out, and eating dinner with his grandmother up until Dec. 6th when he started disappearing and lying about dating Taraji. And there’s one more thing.

Kelvin is a free agent and is most definitely broke. He is obviously unfaithful and my girl Taraji deserves 10 times better. Taraji run in the opposite direction because he is deeply attached to my friend and he’s really no good.

RealEyesSeeRealLies Roomie 

all the photographic evidence:


oh no no no no no no.
there is more.
so then another reader sent in a letter right after:

Dear TSR,

      A lot of hearts are getting broken tonight but it won’t be in vain. Women need to know about men like Kelvin. Me and MY friend were trying to understand why her man Kelvin was posted up in a pic with Taraji…but before we could reconcile what happened we see Kelvin had another girl other than Cookie claiming him on The Shade Room! Let’s be clear, my friend is the main chick! My friend has been in a relationship with Kelvin FOR 8 years and she lives in Chi-town. Oh and WE have receipts. They went to Costa Rica not too long ago, before that they went to Europe! She just posted a pic of him 3 weeks ago on IG!  Let me tell you what Kelvin does. Kelvin claims that he doesn’t post women on his Instagram for business purposes when really it’s all a cover up to hide the many different women he is leading on and lying to. Just like girlfriend number 3 said, Kelvin is most definitely BROKE. I’m sure he’s with Taraji because she’s amazing but she should watch out and hold on tight to her clutch. 

-Signed RideOrDieBestie

with more photographic evidence:


well that pipe of his got some frequent flyer mileage on it.
if the alleged is true,
then how sloppy is he tho?
like you decided to get into a “something” with a well known actress,
knowing you had others as well.
i guess he didn’t think the papz was snap their picture.
its a shame he is broke tho.
you know what they say:

“broke/crazy lays the best pipe”

i can see how these vixens got caught up.
well lets hope taraji knows how to handle this scandal.
maybe it was just no strings sex?
she felt nice and decided to hold his hand in public?
maybe she was paying him like an escort?

tumblr_nix3ub8wG61qk08n1o1_500i don’t know…
all i know is he may have to go.
i hope she gets to the bottom of this.
the foxhole will i’m sure.
i really want to see taraji win.

just keep him from the bottom of her pocket book!
he looks rabid and hungry.

lowkey: with those types of wolves,
i’m sure he can talk his way out anything.a little bit of talkin,
a lot of fuckin a la stupid,
and the slate is wiped clean.

articles taken: the shade room
pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)”

  1. He looks like he has huge, thick, and amazing pipe. He probably eat the pumpum and booty like groceries! 👀

  2. If these allegations hold water, I’m kinda disheartened n truly hope Ms. (sexy a/f, 2nd only to Nia Long) Henson is as smart as a Cookie on this one…cause there’s plenty of brothas jus as fine as Hayden that can hold their own, or equally yoked at least in the finance dept…and I know everything isn’t about $, but come on…2 separatelly alleged accounts of brokedom, after making over $40 mil in est career (9 yrs) earnings???!!!…shiiiiiit, even netting half that amt and have nothin to show is cray…

    ………..but damn, he sexy doe

  3. This is embarrassing for Taraji. She’s a big successful actress dating an unemployed guy who has multiple gfs. Whatever happen to Michael Strahan? They made a better couple than this guy, but then again maybe she likes them hood

    1. Taraji never dated Michael.That was a rumor started by a tabloid after she co hosted the Kelly and Michael Show.He was dating some White chick in April when the rumor started.He even said on the show he never dated Taraji but she reminds him of Kelly Ripa

      As for this Kelvin,hopefully this is just some “holiday dick” because I was just on his IG .He has at least 5 young kids,the youngest is six years old ,the oldest a girl about 13 years old.People at LSA ,claim there are four baby mamas and 6 kids.There are,absolutely no pics of any women on his IG except his mom,aunts,grandmother so that’s suspicious.Taraji just did an interview where she said she doesn’t like “drama” when it comes to relationships.This guy =drama if has several women who think they were in a relationship with him.

  4. Not my girl Taraji! I hope she knows what she’s getting herself into! If it’s messy already, that does not spell good news lol.

  5. i believe it this is becoming the truth as of lately here in Philly i keep running into fuckboys who want me to take care of them or they want bread…Like I’m 28 years old what i look like taking care of a whole grown ass 36 year old….these kind of men are everywhere…I don’t even think Taraji is taking him seriously, he may just be a friend with benefits, not everyone is looking to marry and settle down..A man like that is dangerous because they, quintessentially, can be purchased by anyone, anything at the highest bid…

  6. If he is allegedly broke and they know his game then why are they pressed on exposing him, better yet why are they still with this……..

    You know what, I guess the peen really can mind warp these hens out here. Smh.

    1. lol yes the dick game have these fools going crazy over a fool that they already knew wasn’t shit when they started dealing with him…some of these females are hilarious

  7. Taraji most likely did her research on him from afar, this is most likely a fuck buddy situation.

  8. A fine professional athlete is fucking more than one woman. This is news? Ugly professional athletes are fucking dozens of women and have been since they made JV in high school.

    1. Right! And the younger they are the more pussy they are swimming in. IJS. But that thang got some serious chocolate pipe. You can just tell. Most females would climb all over that man meat!!!!

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