the pitchforks are coming out for my aun-t (taraji p. henson)

i feel like celebs,
ones with legit careers,
should not be speaking/tweeting/carrier pigeoning on r. kelly.
he is one big trigger warning and pending cancellation.
now you know i love aun-t aka taraji p. henson.
she posted the following on her stories today that had my head spin around.
it was her allegedly looking to see if there is a #muteweinstein hashtag.
she showed all the #muterkelly tags in comparison.
well take a look foxhole…

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do you want to know “what men want”?

so you know i love aun-t.
that’s taraji p henson for those who don’t know.
when i heard that she working on a movie called “what men want”,
my interest was piqued.
the synopsis for the film read:

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear their thoughts.

well the trailer dropped and…
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“YOU GON’ LEAVE ME?!?!?” (Acrimony)

i don’t know who tyler perry has been around in his past,
or maybe current,
but his characters in his productions are rather “interesting”.
i kinda see why church folks love them so much.
it’s often a mirror to their internal ratchet ness.
you know the church vixens can go from zero to “hoodrat” if provoked.
so last night i was sent a copy of a tyler perry production called “acrimony”.
it starred taraji p. henson and lyric bent.
the foxhole has been asking for me to watch it.
i’ve gotten a few emails about wanting my thoughts on it.
this was my first thought (spoiler heavy)….

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Taraji P. Henson Is Going To Make Us Proud With Her New Movie In The Works

another on my bucket list to meet is aun-t.
taraji p. henson.
next to viola davis,
she’s one of the many black actresses i stan hard for.
well during her promotional run for new movie,
“proud mary”,
she revealed she is about to start shooting another movie of interest.
this is what she told blogzilla for “global grind”
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Don’t Come Into Taraji P Henson’s “Empire” With The Mess

i reallllllllllly hate when i hear my favorite black actresses are hellions bts.
i hate it.
now everyone knows i love my aun-t,
taraji p henson.
i have heard nothing but great things from those who have encountered her.
nia longyeah,
not to much.
well those two allegedly went head to head on the set of “empire”.
this is what tmz had to say on how it all started…
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Taraji P Henson Has A Black belt in “Dragging”

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.27.17 PM

“hi aun-t…”
you know i lovedededed you right?
we gon’ meet one day.

taraji p henson is a proud black vixen queen and has no apologies.
she also will drag you from root to tip if you come incorrect.
well someone in her comment box got scalped.
last name: lopez
first name: dora?
so taraji put this picture up on her instagram
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