“YOU GON’ LEAVE ME?!?!?” (Acrimony)

i don’t know who tyler perry has been around in his past,
or maybe current,
but his characters in his productions are rather “interesting”.
i kinda see why church folks love them so much.
it’s often a mirror to their internal ratchet ness.
you know the church vixens can go from zero to “hoodrat” if provoked.
so last night i was sent a copy of a tyler perry production called “acrimony”.
it starred taraji p. henson and lyric bent.
the foxhole has been asking for me to watch it.
i’ve gotten a few emails about wanting my thoughts on it.
this was my first thought (spoiler heavy)….


so the movie was about a vixen named “malinda” (played by taraji).
she met this wolf named robert (lyric) at their college.
they got into a relationship and he turned out to be a no good jackal.

typical tyler shenanigans,
but with a twist that made absolutely no sense to me.
this is where the spoilers come in…

malinda was stupid af.
she stood by and married a wolf who she saw had potential.
she kept using her money to support him.
as soon as she was broke and fed up,
like after a lot of times of his nonsense,
she was pushed by friends and family to leave.
the marriage was over,
but he ended up getting rich off his potential.
he ended up paying her back in monetary blessings.

i’m confused as to why she went crazy?

this is where the whole “borderline personality disorder” came in.
something that was randomly “thrown in”.
she is the one who told him to leave in the first place.
i mean,
after taking a jeep and knocking over HIS TRAILER for cheating…

…after buying him a car,
that would have been the end of that.
she may have had bpd,
but this story screamed “bitter psycho ex” to me.
not to mention,
the ending was a complete disaster.
that was it????????
i was laughing so loud,
you would’ve thought it was a comedy.

i’ve come to realize that i like the “tyler perry movie experience”.
i enjoy the “talking back to screen” and “bad acting wolf meat”,
but i can’t get with the actual movies.
the only good things was:


lyric’s tail shots
that fight that started in the living room and ended on the lawn

devon (played by jay hunter)

kendrick cross and that upper bawdy in his shirts
all the black actors/actresses who tried

…now you may enjoy it more than i did,
and this is strictly just my opinion,
but it was a hard pass for me.

lowkey: am i the only one who thinks lyric bent is sexy af?
i been checking for him since “saw”…

he’s in a movie called “gringo” that i enjoyed.

*all clips and pictures cc: tyler perry studios / jay hunter

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on ““YOU GON’ LEAVE ME?!?!?” (Acrimony)”

  1. I’ve found that to be the consensus among most people with most, if not all, of Tyler Perry’s movies…a jumbled mess.

    I’ve seen three Tyler Perry movies…Madea Goes To Jail, Madea’s Big Happy Family, and The Family That Preys. The Family That Preys is the only one that I liked. It was still a mess, but it was like watching a condensed soap opera. Lol

    I will say that he does know how to pick good eye candy for his films.

    1. ^i liked the first couple movies be came out with.

      diary of a mad black woman
      family reunion
      why did i get married?
      daddy’s little girl’s
      family that preys

      i actually bought “the family that preys” because i enjoyed it so much.
      after that,
      his work has taken such a sharp turn downward.
      it’s not impressive when i see “written and directed by tyler perry”.
      he needs a team to help give his stuff direction,
      but will still give him the freedom to give his input.

      he does pick amazing eye candy tho.
      i gotta give him that.

  2. I liked it. It was similar to Gone Girl which is one of my favs. I always like psychological thrillers. Better than jump scares.

    It was an accurate portrayal of mental illness. The illness and medication can make them easy to take advantage of. I have family diagnosed with bipolar shizophrenia and this movie showed the struggle. You always wonder if they’re just doing stupid shit or if it’s the illness.

    1. ^gone girl?!??
      that is a stretch dee.
      that was an excellent movie from start to finish.
      this showed nothing about bipolar schizophrenia other that it being slightly mentioned by the therapist in that one scene.
      it was an accurate portrayal of being a scorned ex.
      you had to guess what was happening to even get to that conclusion.

      1. 😂Okay, I WAS pushing it with that one. I just love me some Taraji. Acrimony was going good until the later half. It dragged out into a rushed ending.

        It’s not the same symptoms, but it’s same experience for family members. Mental illness is not always dramatic and distinct. People with BPD are amongst ‘cluster b’ which is a group know for being being impulsive, dramatic, and overly emotional. They never say off the wall shit like shizophrenia, but they react and behave abnormally.

        BPD is highly recognized for their fucked up relationships. Idolizing their lover until they perceive a fault, then their lover becomes the devil in their eyes. They’re super sensitive to rejection. The movie was accurate.

      2. Tyler needs to start backing some up and coming black writers with talent because all of his movies are pretty much the same.

  3. I typically stay away from TP films since they aren’t in my niche which I call entertainment. I like Taraji and shes cool in person but very hard-working. When on set you can really see her game face is in serious mode.

    Never heard of the guys in this but TP seems to make his movies based with a underlying Cinderella premise.

    Even the way he potrays his men. 😂

    Ah, well it’s just a movie but I’m sure most vixens don’t expect some fine man to swoop out of the air and cater to them forever..🤔

  4. l was confused af when l first saw it too. But after thinking about it, I realized what he was doing. lt wasn’t meant to make sense because that’s how real life situations happen. They always say there is 3 sides to a story, and l think he was exploring in’s and out’s of these type of situations. He wasn’t taking advantage of her, he was just dumb af when it came to certain things. Even the family took his side at one point.

  5. Borderline Personality Disorder is a rollercoaster. I’ve seen patients go into their room and come out just raging for no reason. They are literally hot and cold.

    My guess is he didn’t really research it. Most illnesses manifest in early adulthood so perhaps if there was some sign of her having BPD earlier it would’ve made more sense.

  6. Can we be completely honest for a second if I was in Melinda (Taraji) shoes I would’ve done the same thing (minus the ending) and a lot of people commenting would too. Acrimony or in other words bitterness is a real thing in the real world, and sometimes in life people have a valid reason to be bitter. A lot of people want to act like they’ve never been cheating on and stayed, they never invested time and money on someone just to disappointed and disrespected in the end.
    Money doesn’t always make everything ok. If you met somebody in your late teens early 20’s fell in love, invested your time and money, worked several jobs trying to pay the bills because the other one wasn’t pulling their weight, sacrificed your dreams and ambitious so that another could strive to achieve theirs, and put up with this for almost 20 years? You were in your 20’s bright eyed and bushy tailed and now you’re in mid-40’s tired and worn out and now your partner has made gone out and give the life they promised you to the next, you would be bitter too.
    After seeing acrimony, I had a lot more empathy for Siohvaugh Dwyane Wades ex-wife

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