Taye Diggs Needed Someone To Tell Him White Folks Could Be Racist

ya know,
i been wonder that now with the current racial climate these days,
how are the ‘i only date/marry white’ are feeling?
the ones who sold out and became ra(coon)-ish peak the most interest.
now i don’t know if taye diggs sold out,
per say,
but he is the poster wolf for all i’m talmbout.
he seems very “aware” since he isn’t married to his white queen,
idina menzel.
he went on vicelands,
“desus and mero”,
and they asked him what would he tell his younger self.
his response was interesting to me…

“[I’d tell myself] to just slow down,” Diggs says on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero” Tuesday, June 12. “I was real quick with, ‘OK, I’m doin’ it. I want these roles. How come I’m only getting the Black roles? I wanna be this and that and that. I started switching agencies and I didn’t realize how racist the business was early on. I felt like I was a little bit above it.”

He explained there was “a reason why I didn’t have Matt Damon’s career.” And that no one explicitly told him the business was racist. Despite switching agents who continued to promise the “Set It Up” actor they’d get him the big roles, they failed to nab them.

“I wish I could have just chilled out and just sat back and waited just a little longer,” Diggs says. “Because there was a lot of unrest and me chasing s— instead of just being aware of what I had and then working with that.”

why don’t black actors/actresses shout out other blacks as role models?
why would you want a career like matt damon?
what about denzel?
maybe even the male viola or angela?
i don’t ever want to be like perez hilton,
but i do admire writers/bloggers like issa rae or luuvie.
that’s something that low key annoys me when we don’t highlight our own.

now i can’t font for taye,
who seems like a nice wolf,
but it’s no secret how this “game” works.
they get with someone white and try to get another fan base.
once they break up,
they see exactly how real the racism is in forests.
white folks ain’t gonna turn on their own.
so it’s almost like the white person is a shield in hollywood.
i’m sure when taye was getting all the “black leading wolf” roles,
he never noticed how it really was.
it was there,
but he may have been ignorant to it.
once he started opening his mouth,
and turned off most of his main fan base that was black vixens…

there you have it.
outside of his “roles”,
he’s actually pretty corny too.

it might be the outfits and the hats.

lowkey: he has/had a nice tail…

so i’ll let him rock.

article cc: atlanta black star

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Taye Diggs Needed Someone To Tell Him White Folks Could Be Racist”

  1. I saw him here in Los Angeles and was taken back at how good looking he is in person! And his tail is definitely grade A beef.

  2. SMDH.I use to like and admire Taye until he made those stupid comments and forget the color of his skin. So now he can Kiss My Black Ass for All I care. He no longer a member of this race as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Yum yum. I Love me a sexy chocolate dark skinned man…Oh, I mean…Shame on you Take!! Shame…😓

    Is he proof that no matter how fine you are, you’re still a black rug in Hollywood?

  4. I think you are misunderstanding the Matt Damon example
    Is Taye corny, yes he is
    But the Matt Damon example was used in the context of racism in Hollywood. Will and Denzel would not have been good examples to compare and contrast the opportunities available to white versus black actors in Hollywood.
    Even Viola has talked about the fact that she doesn’t get Meryl Streep type offerings. And that despite her talent and accomplishments she is still not making Meryl Streep dollars or roles All these other great black actors have made such comments to exemplify the imbalance in Bollywood.
    I think you’re overthinking the comment here

    1. ^great comment!

      i noticed michael b jordan has said the same and mentioned white actors.
      even viola did and it made me wonder why they mention white actors as compared to black ones.
      your comment puts it into perspective.

      1. Beyond this specific scenario though, i do agree that there is a wider problem of not appreciating our own enough. Rappers and singers are quick to claim the Guccis and the Picassos of this world but not nearly as much attention is placed on black brands and black creatives. White people always uphold their own while we keep up with the joneses and ignore ours. Until we value ourselves they will always be the standard.

        1. ^and that is my issue.

          and here is the thing,
          taye diggs may have his issues,
          but i’ve still watched and supported some of the stuff he is in.
          other shit was way too left field for me.

  5. He had more opportunities than most. I remember his show “Kevin Hill”.

    I get so tired of these black actors/actresses that have been in the business 15-20 years and stay complaining about the lack of roles, meanwhile Issa Rae literally created an iconic show and iconic roles for everyone involved.

    The rest want to lay up under Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Will Packer getting paid crumbs for the same tired roles in uninventive movies.

    Michael B. Jordan’s career isn’t that burgeoning to me. I don’t see him winning an Oscar. Chadwick Boseman will likely win one before he does and all of his roles have been transformative from Jackie Robinson to James Brown to Black Panther.

    Do they expect majority white movies catered to white audiences to just drop their black asses into the cast? Lol

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