#PermitPatty May Allegedly Know A Thing Or Two About Selling

i wrote about #permitpatty,
whose name is alison ettel,
and her issue over the cub selling water yesterday.
you know once you violate about half the country,
black twitter goes about your destruction with your past indiscretions.
well this is what was allegedly found on alison…

“say high to alison…”

if that is her,
can we talk about the irony in this?
she also looks like a demon too.

i wonder if she checked for permits for this pot brownie situation?
i’m sure “probably not”.
i’m beginning to think she was allegedly high,
or coming down from one,
when she “snapped” the other day.
there is no other explanation for it.

lowkey: i swear,
karma is so interesting.

1 thought on “#PermitPatty May Allegedly Know A Thing Or Two About Selling

  1. Am I missing something? Isn’t she sadly right? She could’ve just called the police and they would have made her stop selling without permission or a permit, right? White people have done it in the past.

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