So I Watched The “2018 BET Awards” and Well…

did you know the 2018 bet awards came on tonight?
i literally just found out it was coming on the other day.
they use to do heavy promo,
but i guess they started putting it together last week.
i have a few thoughts…

– dry.
the show is like gin at this point

– what happened to jamie foxx?
i don’t remember him being so dull.
i think i chuckled a few times,
but he wasn’t his usual self.

his skin looked real nice and tanned tho.

– michael b jordan looked high key over anything “black panther”.
you could tell when jamie brought him on stage.
wasn’t that whole situation awkward?

– childish gambino also looked so awkward on that stage.

– the audience seems bored and confused 90% of the time.

– nicki did good in her performance.
the crawling on the floor threw me off tho.

i’ve come to realize she is just “good” when she performs.
nothing epic or “omg”.

– anita.

i love her music with a passion.
it really makes me feel peaceful and “rich”.
her tribute was amazing.
ledisi is so underrated.

– i am about to be on a straight obsession with h.e.r.
her performance was probably the best of the night

– good to see meek turning his life around.
woke performance

– i loved they honored those black kings and queens!

– janelle is amazing.
she legit sounds like she does on the record.

– i gotta listen to this gospel album from snoop.
his performance turned me out

other than that,
the award show wasn’t anything special.
it was something to have as background noise.
they need to hire a creative director for the bet awards.
it seems like it gets worse or…

Has music just gotten so lackluster that it reflects the times?

there is no reason why it use to be such a cultural event,
but it barely has any star power in the audience.
i think we don’t have much “stars” anymore.
they are all so accessible that we don’t fiend to see them.
before social media,
we were able to miss them.
they would pop up at these events for the exposure.

i hope they can pull it together next year.
don’t hold your breath.

lowkey: i feel like if our big and only music stars showed up:

a time machine to bring back pre-kanye

that might makes folks want to tune in.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “So I Watched The “2018 BET Awards” and Well…”

  1. Due to streaming, the music industry has dropped in sales. This causes business people to be cynical about new or different sounds, leading to a lack of diversity in mainstream music. If you do want to find new music, I would suggest checking out review channels like theneedledrop. He’s cool.

  2. I agree totally. The BET Awards are in fact a reflection of the times. You can see how much of an influence Steven Hill was to this show and how now that he’s gone, the show is suffering. Gone are the days just 10 years ago when high profile celebs and the best in black entertainment showed up at the BET awards and turned it out. There is no more glamour. There is no more soul-shattering vocal performances. There are no more stand on your seat, dancing in the isles performances. These new black celebs are just social media stars with record deals. The can care less about performance. The rap performances were unimaginative and barely audible. The R&B performances, though well done, were all slow to mid-temp songs. The whole show as slow and dull and sadly there wasnt a host to bring the energy up. I even wanted more from the Anita Baker tribute. I DEFINITELY needed Toni Braxton, Jazmine Sullivan, Lalah Hathaway and some Kelly Price. Don’t even get me started on how BET and its awards show has NEVER acknowledged the black LGBT community despite us making some many acheivements in tv, music and film.

  3. Didn’t watch this years awards but judging from everyone reactions I didn’t miss much.
    You know whats funny I remember when the awards used to ve an event. I mean it was a big deal but now its like they don’t even try. I saw on twitter that a cop tried to shut down the red carpet on live TV. SMH. They should take a break for a year or so and revamp.

  4. Had no interest in watching it this year. I was only checking for h.e.r. and Janelle’s performances, and I’ll watch that once it hits YouTube. Mainstream music has no quality and that is evident in the nominees and performers.

  5. I must be the only person who can’t get into Ella Mai or “H.E.R”…. They undeniably have talent but they just bore me for the most part..

    Also, why did Beyonce win that award for Best Pop/R&B female? She’s won for the past 5 years and has only shown up ONCE (2 years ago), which was only to perform and promote her single and then leave before the show was over. I know she’s currently on tour but not to mention the fact that she hasn’t released any solo music inside the window for the award nomination. She’s become the default gamble at this point. Its clear that these award shows are bogus and based on politics.

    SZA deserved that award. She had a hell of a past year. The Weekend & Love Galore was buzzing for months, not any Beyonce song. Not to mention SZA’s lead single for the Black Panther movie this year “All the Stars”.

    I don’t have an issue with Bey but Idk why these award shows award artists who clearly think they’re better than the show. The same goes for Rihanna, Drake, Kanye etc.

    Its funny because these are the same artists who use BET on their come up, ignore it when they’ve reached mainstream success where white media starts fucking with them, only to them come back crawling to BET to collect a lifetime achievement award when they dry up and white award shows start paying them dust.

    But I digress.

    1. I wouldn’t come to the bet awards after disrespect my child. The bet awards is basically a white award it don’t have that same black excitement it did awhile ago.

      1. She conveniently came to perform with Kendrick Lamar to perform her single 2 years ago. That old “they disrespected her child” shtick went out the window once she decided to show face again (conveniently). Let’s not act as if she went to the award show the year before her child was “disrespected” because she clearly didn’t.

        The same people up her anus pumping her ego for not attending the BET awards will be eating crow when she comes crawling back in the future during her demise. We all saw those empty seats in her show in Scotland and we all saw the low sales for that joint album with Jay. It’s coming sooner than you think ✌️

  6. I watched some of the show when i got home from work and was bored senseless. The only good things on it was the tribute to Anita Baker but that’s because of the strength of her music not so much the performances (if that makes sense) and H.E.R. was pretty damn good. The only one who wasn’t pitchy. The show has gone from sugar to shit in lightening speed and it’s so sad to watch. Like you said, we don’t have “stars” anymore and those that are called stars are lacking something, and i include Bey and Jay cause i don’t get excited when i see them. We don’t have a Michael Jackson or Prince or Whitney Houston type of star anymore and these award shows are reminders of that. Pitiful.

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