Saquon Barkley Is An Entire Buffet Out Here

nfl baller wolves have the best bawdies in sports.
they usually have:


they are always stacked in the right places.
most always have a handsome face to go with it.
they tend to be a whole meal.
so as you know…
i’ve been waiting for saquon barkley and his 2018 espn “body issue” pictures.
one of my great f-bi sent me saquon’s package for our review…


and videos:

running backs
have the best tails,

don’t they?
do you see those glutes?

well i’ll allow saquon and this bawdy of his.
i’m waiting to get a dr (dick report) on my desk next.
a bonus shot from saquon’s ig story:

photos and videos cc: espn | sophy holland

19 thoughts on “Saquon Barkley Is An Entire Buffet Out Here

  1. God damn. That ass. I would lose my mind seeing that in person. He’s cute too…but yea, the white BM thing ruined it for me.

  2. Look you must give credit where credit is due, Saquon has a fantastic body. Please forgive me if this offends anybody or comes across judgmental or racist, in 2018 black men in interracial relationships just seems kind of corny to me especially in the climate that were in. Don’t get me wrong I believe that as long as you’re dating everyone interracial relationships can be loving and long lasting; true soulmates but in Saquons’ case …. yeah right. Saquon is just 21 years old and everyone around had to know what trajectory he was on and everyone thinks that its cool to have a baby at that age and out of wedlock too no less. I think it also speaks to the machine that collegiate and professional football creates that emphatically tries to separate black athletes from their communities and culture. Its not happenstance or an act of cupid that Saquon has gotten with a blonde haired blue-eyed woman. I wish him the best and hopefully he makes an honest woman out of Anna Congdon and marries her, but I would have been ecstatic to find out that Saquon had a college educated black woman as a fiancé and they were expecting their first child.

    1. this boy i about to get knee deep in pussy! He’ll marry the “ride-or-die” chick…but you know he about to have ass thrown at him left and right!
      Watch…pregnant stripper pops up on social media next year claiming he the daddy!

  3. I’m over it show us the dick and I am tired of this fuckery. They have no problem showing titties but dicks are off limits. Man bye

  4. They probably have a “cock sock” on like in sex scenes of movies. I think he looks nice all around.

    I’ll allow it and I’d f**k him…

    How’ s every one’s Monday going? Pleasing I hope…

    Summer summer Time!

  5. I always wondered how exactly they did that. Like do they walk around set with their dicks out, or is it taped to their thigh, or is it some special type of underwear? I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of those shoots.

    Can anybody shed some light on my question? Perhaps from an interview or something?

  6. Followed him when he was at Penn State and then the combine. Great athlete. Don’t think he’s attractive in the face though.

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