the pitchforks are coming out for my aun-t (taraji p. henson)

i feel like celebs,
ones with legit careers,
should not be speaking/tweeting/carrier pigeoning on r. kelly.
he is one big trigger warning and pending cancellation.
now you know i love aun-t aka taraji p. henson.
she posted the following on her stories today that had my head spin around.
it was her allegedly looking to see if there is a #muteweinstein hashtag.
she showed all the #muterkelly tags in comparison.
well take a look foxhole…

harvey is already cancelled.
so much so,
he can’t attend an event without getting publicly shamed.
it wasn’t like he was a popular r&b singer jackal.
harvey wasn’t in the spotlight.
he was a producer.
the only time you saw him was at award shows.
regula degulas didn’t know who he was until the allegations popped up.
r. kelly is in the spotlight.
he is in front the camera.
it’s easier to mute him because of his music.

Is this really the hill you want to die on?

i see you’ve taken the whole story down.
i suggest you issue a statement and leave that r. kelly mess where it belongs.
the trash.

lowkey: it’s one thing to still want to listen to his music.
it’s another to try and compare one banishment to the next.
aun-t is part of the older generation who can’t let go of the memories.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “the pitchforks are coming out for my aun-t (taraji p. henson)”

  1. Why should celebs who support R Kelly be mute, but the ones who denounce can be vocal? I’m so over all this shit it is sad! Nobody had shit to say when all this was happening and now everybody wants to cancel him! I’ll pass and will continue to listen to his music!

    1. Yea youre right he went to court like 15 years ago or longer and his music has done very well i g
      dont get it

  2. I think you missed her point. They will do there best to bring a black down. They did it to Michael Jackson, Prince and Bill Cosby. I bet Harvey won’t go to jail nor will Kevin Spacy. They are about to smear Micheals name again with a hole new documentary. I’m not excusing R Kelley but if he was white I doubt that they would go that hard on him

    1. Looks like she missed the point. She was using the wrong hashtag. #harveyweinsteinisarapist and more are just as popular as #muterkelly. The system of oppression absolutely exists as an institution but men like R Kelly cannot continue to have a pass at the expensive of Black children. Period.

      1. Exactly! I love Taraji but she let her emotions run rampant and expose her ignorance. My 1st thought was she type R. Kelly which is an abbreviation of his name. I wondered why she didn’t start off with #muteharveyweinstein instead of just Weinstein and whilst the Harvey still didn’t bring up much more anyone with sense would have eventually typed # his name. But nooooo she let one of her old stupid girlfriends get her riled up or even worse probably was her man.

  3. Wow I didn’t know the foxhole had so many ignorant people lurking. Yal are dumb af with your reasonings. We as a young generation are speaking up, it is the older folks who let that isht fly and that’s why we’re not letting him get on BY this time around. Your mom’s and dad’s are responsible for him still being around so when you hollering “Why ain’t no one cancel him before” you need to address the age group who should have known better and did not. And truly it does not matter when you learn to do what’s right but it matters that you do right eventually. Whether we cancel him now or another 10yrs eventually the self proclaimed pied piper of R&B is gonna have to pay the piper! Now run along and think about the stupidity you’ve spewed over the internet today and think about what you can do to make it a place of learning for the rest of us. Your opinions are yours and you’re allowed to have them, and with that being said this is all opinion goodnight.

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