well if this ain’t “crazy as all fuck”

there are some “crazy as all fuck” hyenas in the world today.
shit i’ve seen in movies has now becoming a norm.
so ^that hyena is smiling,
but for all the wrong reasons.
he’s actually “crazy as all fuck”.
a foxholer sent me why and i literally screamed “WTF!?!”

A Brazilian man stepped out of a police station and smiled at a throng of reporters as he admitted to the chilling murder of a transvestite just hours earlier.

Caio Santos de Oliveira, 20, was visiting a local bar in southwest Brazil on Sunday night where he met the owner, Genilson José da Silva, 35.

Moments after their midnight encounter, de Oliveira told police officers in the city of Jardim Marisa that he took a shard of glass and stabbed the transsexual victim in the chest while they were inside da Silva’s business.

The young man then ripped out the heart and covered it with a piece of cloth belonging to da Silva before he took it to his home, according to Brazilian news outlet G1.

Cops found the organ hidden underneath a cabinet in de Oliveira’s bedroom. 

“He was a demon, I ripped out his heart, that’s it,’ de Oliveira said in Portuguese when he was approached by a throng of reporters outside a local police station following his arrest Monday morning hours after the grizzly murder.

‘Ah, she did a lot of things, right? Drugs, alcohol, everything,’ he added while smiling.

they had sex the same night too.
ya know,
there is no proper way to screen “crazy as all fuck”.
there are a ton of “crazy as all fuck” jackals and hyenas out here.
not only do you gotta dodge hiv and other diseases,
but there are a ton of diagnosed mental patients in these forests.
the best you can do is be a judge of character before you get down.
such a sad and disturbing story.
may the victim rip.

lowkey: yo,
i’m at a loss for font with this one.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “well if this ain’t “crazy as all fuck””

  1. I just never understood some of these trans-attracted men…they’ll dick down (or be dicked down by) a trans-woman and afterwards be “disgusted” by them.

    1. you’ll find that with a lot of “str8” men. They are all into the experience, but once they get the nut…they get that look like “what have I done?”
      They pull out, pull up/put on the pants…and are out! Lol
      It’s guilt…they’re fighting an inward battle with themselves. They like what they like, like/love the feeling, but once it’s done…reality sets in.

  2. “Demon” is what a lot of people associate with transgenders. Don’t ever go to predominately-hetero websites/messageboards and read the stories they post on transgenders. Aside from the armchair psychiatrists diagnosing them with ‘mental illness’, their posts are vile, ignorant, and disgusting, and these are men and women who claim to have children and work in the professional world. I can’t help but notice how the killer looks. I’ve said it before, those types will kill.

  3. Well, Brazil has been violent for a long while. There are places that are safe for no one..Some of the favelas are pretty questionable but you can meet crazy folks anywhere. They are at your jobs, restaurants, the foxhole.. crazies are everywhere. You never know what one person is thinking and who is insane. You could be talking to a serial killer at any moment that hasn’t been triggered yet.

  4. I’m in my car about to walk into work and I just seen this. This is disturbing. I’ve gotten so paranoid that I’m not dealing with anyone and when I do want some itsi with someone I’ve known for years. Everyone please be safe and get you a weapon. I’m currently going through process to get my license to carry. Get you a knife, taser or gun and if you hookup with someone have it close by just in case they pop off. No more giving folks the benefit of the doubt it can cost you your life

  5. Thank to this new Brazilian president who is very homophobic a lot of LGBT people in Brazil are losing their lives. Brazil has became a dangerous place for LGBT Brazilians and black Brazilians ever since that new president came along

  6. True dis!… at the gym… at a festival… while on vacation… at the dog park… crazy be ubiquitous!

  7. This is honestly why I decided to let the apps go and also imma just add on hooking up as a no.

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