when i looked in the mirror, i saw sansa stark

so as you know,
i started watching “game of thrones” and i’m a tad bit obsessed.
i’m currently on season 2 and headed into season 3.
as i’m watching,
i couldn’t express my displeasure of sansa stark enough.
foxholers and friends were paying her bail,
but she was someone that annoyed me to the core.
she made dumb decisions that i couldn’t see myself doing…
i think i forgot that i use to be sansa stark not to long ago…
*may contain light spoilers*

one thing i realized watching this show is:

Not everything you want is what you need

for many characters,
it’s power.
for sansa,
it was being in love with a baller wolf.
she wanted to be married to joffrey and be his queen.
she saw him as a shiny object that would make her life better.
she would have his babies and rule alongside him.
it wasn’t until she saw that he truly ain’t shit,
and his family definitely ain’t shit,
that she realized she was pretty much made a horrible decision.

there are so many wolves that i wanted in my past.
i thought being with them would change my life.
even being in the popular crowd at one point of my life.
it left me broken by the end of all the drama.

i’m sure my true friends thought i was making dumb decisions too.
as much as i’d make excuses for it all,
they knew the truth.
looking back,
i knew the truth too.
i didn’t want to admit it.
now that i’ve gotten to know myself better,
i cringe when i think back to what i tolerated and allowed.

be careful about some of the things you really want.
we often look past bad behaviors because our minds are filled with fantasy.
90% of our fantasies aren’t good for us.
that wolf/hyrbid/fox may be the worst thing to come into your life.
those “friends” are probably going to back stab you at some point.
more often than not,
they shape us to be who we need to be if we accept the lesson.
so i won’t clown sansa any further.
i may roll my eyes,
or even scoff at other dumb stupid shit she may do,
but i was “her” at one point of my life.
i’m grateful i can actually admit that.

lowkey: the characters we can’t stand might be a reflection of us.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “when i looked in the mirror, i saw sansa stark”

  1. Glad to see you’re getting further in and reflecting …but you might want to strap in for the next couple of seasons and characters.

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