Taraji P. Henson Is Going To Make Us Proud With Her New Movie In The Works

another on my bucket list to meet is aun-t.
taraji p. henson.
next to viola davis,
she’s one of the many black actresses i stan hard for.
well during her promotional run for new movie,
“proud mary”,
she revealed she is about to start shooting another movie of interest.
this is what she told blogzilla for “global grind”

starts @ 2:52:

i am so happy to hear the “emmett till” story will come to the big screen.
that is one story that absolutely haunted me,
but one that also intrigued.
i did so much low key investigating about emmett.
i even watched a few documentaries about it.
the worst part?
the snow bunny jackal bitch admitted she lied about the whole thing.
it’s such a tragic story that needs to be told.
i wish his mother was still alive to see taraji in the role,
but i know aun-t will do it justice.
you can catch taraji in her latest movie,
“proud mary”,
this weekend.

lowkey: this is one of the documentaries i watched about emmett one day.
i was glued to this laptop:

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4 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Is Going To Make Us Proud With Her New Movie In The Works”

  1. I’m so proud of Taraji!!! I’m also proud of her for doing The Emmitt Till Story!! I remember when I was in high school and we went to the Civil Rights Institute here in Alabama. And showed a small movie about Emmitt Till and I completely lost it!! Here I am a junior in high school crying like a baby,but I didn’t care because that really touched an emotional place in my heart and soul!!

  2. I’ve met Taraji on a set once (briefly) she was very chill…unlike Letoya Luckett who was a booji b**ch.

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