Aun-T Said You Gonna Wait (UM)

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.50.16 PMso everyone is not talking about the golden globes today.
shit was kinda “yawn”,
but they are talking about aun-t aka taraji p henson.
she won “best actress in a television series drama”.
well a majority of people were saying her acceptance speech was ghetto.
they were also wondering if she was drunk.
what do you think?…
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Listen To “Aun-T” (That’s Taraji)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.25.01 PMso you know i love taraji p henson.
she is the “aunt i wish i had in my head”.
she always comes off like she has a genuine spirit.
i want to meet her one day if god spares my life.
well in typical “aun-t” fashion,
she wanted to drop some advice for the vixens at a recent outing.
i’m sure the foxes could relate as well…
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The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.50.28 PMguess whose wolf ^that is?
not mine.
after what i read about that wolf,
i’m thankful.
so you know when you become popular,
your stock starts to rise and more prospects cum for you.
you can go from “being lonely” to “fuckin’ the finest animals ever”.
well that may have happened to one of my favs.
check out who that piece of meat may belong too…
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Everyone Needs A Taraji P. Henson In Their Lives

emoji_heart_0i like to think support the people in my life.
i’m not one of these who is jealous or envious of my other’s blessings.
well i won’t lie to you.
before i use to be.
mostly when it came to dating wolves.

i’m also not one to throw someone under the bus for climbing their mountains.
hell i think i put most people above myself.
i just like to see other’s shine.
it honestly makes me feel good.
in such a selfish world we live in,
its hard to find selfless people who will be your biggest cheerleaders.
well i saw one last night on the emmys.
her name is taraji p. henson
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So, Uh, That “Empire” Series Premiere

empire_keyart_tunein…so you know this story already,
father of three owns a successful record company.
the oldest works by his side,
the middle one is gay,
and the youngest wants to rap and follows “attentionisto” ways.
the mother?
well she is in jail for seventeen years because of the father.
she recently for released and is coming for her cake.
sounds familiar?
well if yes: please skype me into your next family gathering.
if no: you are in luck.
you can watch it every wednesday night at 9pm on fox.
that is the day and time of the new show “empire”,
the much talked about and promoted drama by lee daniels.
i mean when you have a movie screening for the show,
that’s a pretty big deal.
it stars terrence howard and taraji p henson.
my thoughts (with spoilers)…
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Idris Elba Wants To Punish You For Your “Good Deed”

tumblr_n74ikci6qv1rejh21o2_500if this is his idea of punishment well then…
so the great british dark wolf,
idris elba,
has a new movie coming out.
he stays working,
which i love.
it’s called “no good deed” and it also stars my bae,
taraji p. henson.
this trailer had me like “whaaaaaattttttt???”….
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