Everyone Needs A Taraji P. Henson In Their Lives

emoji_heart_0i like to think support the people in my life.
i’m not one of these who is jealous or envious of my other’s blessings.
well i won’t lie to you.
before i use to be.
mostly when it came to dating wolves.

i’m also not one to throw someone under the bus for climbing their mountains.
hell i think i put most people above myself.
i just like to see other’s shine.
it honestly makes me feel good.
in such a selfish world we live in,
its hard to find selfless people who will be your biggest cheerleaders.
well i saw one last night on the emmys.
her name is taraji p. henson

so i didn’t get to watch all the emmys,
but i saw taraji do this when regina king won her award:

i loved it.
i was long gone from the emmys once it was time for outstanding lead actress.
the icing on the cake for me is how happy she was when viola won:


before i go any further,
didn’t viola body that speech?
we all won.
i did a combo of this at my desk today:

tumblr_nv0cs7Tya51tl9wfmo1_500 tumblr_nv0cs7Tya51tl9wfmo2_500…mostly the tearing up tho.
you know i’m a sap.
i loved how taraji ran over to viola.
she treated her like a long time friend.
then she was standing up,
and having no fucks to give about who saw her.
it seemed so foreign that someone would do that for their own.
we don’t usually see that in hollywood.
hell in the workplace and even our own families.
we are so use to “hate”.
we have this “crab in the barrel” thing we seriously need to get together.
the outings and always being “shady” needs to stop as well.
its never that critical and only leads to a triple dose of karma.

taraji inspired me last night.
we all need a “taraji” in our own lives.
star fox was my “taraji”.
i try to do to others what he did to me.
you should start doing the same.
taraji returns back to the small screen on wednesday at 9pm.
#empire returns!!!!

lowkey: i want to meet her.
someone make that happen.tumblr_inline_mwdrrjslIv1s18a9i.















and i loved this commercial for “apple music”:


14 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Taraji P. Henson In Their Lives

  1. A buddy of mine grew up with Taraji and still hangs with her, recently vacationing with her and others. She is for real! I was at the BET Awards and passed her in the hall. “Hi,” I said. “Hey cutie,” she answered. I will never forget that. It made my day for a few days.

  2. I enjoyed the show last night. To be honest, I was nodding off until Regina won. THAT perked me right up. Uza won..again. Viola making history. Then ending it with Tracey Morgan. Sidenote: “Bessie” won for Outstanding T V Movie and Reg. E. Cathey won for Guest Actor in a Drama for “House of Cards”

    Btw Jamari, what gif maker program do you use?

  3. Taraji is such a beautiful and genuine spirit. I adore her and I love the camaraderie she and other Black actresses in Hollywood have. It’s so inspiring. I’m still on a high from Viola’s speech, she’s SO apologetically Black in whatever space she’s in and I LOVE IT. Also, that Apple Music commercial has to be the best commercial I’ve seen in YEARS. I’ve watched it dozens of times since last night. And the fact that it was directed by Ava Duvernay makes it that much more special.

  4. I absolutely loved this. Regina and Viola have been out since the 80s, Taraji since baby boy, and Kerry since the 90s and after all these years their finally getting the recognition they deserve. I try to use this in my life I am in my mid 20s and blessed at what I have but sometimes I look at others excelling in life doing big things. It just shows that everyone has a season and mine is not right now but I know one day it will be.

  5. Those are some bomb ass actresses.

    Viola Davis is one of my faves. She is really talented and a kick ass actress. So is Regina King and Taraji.
    Glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve. I’m happy for them!

    Taraji does seem like that friend who will boost you up to get to where you deserve. People need to take notes.

  6. I honestly get tired of the “black people are crabs in a barrel” stigma.

    I think it’s unfair. Don’t throw a whole race under the bus because while you’re progressing, you’re still associating with the same people that aren’t progressing or doing anything with their lives (that includes family too).

    Elevate your circle. When your associates are making moves they have no apprehension about supporting you and genuinely being happy when you win.

    Plenty of black people support and uplift one another.

    1. I’m in agreement! “Elevate your circle” sums it up nicely!

      If you’re surrounded by people with similar goals and values, then no one feels like they have anything to lose. Truth!

    2. This! My friends and I are too busy getting ours to pull someone down along the way. We’re all successful young people and uplift each other every chance we get.

      People (especially our own) love to say that we pull each other down when every race does it!

  7. I love her and her down to earth personality. Is she still dating Michael Strahan? They were such a cute couple

  8. YESSSS! Last night was great my sister and I jumped off our seats and cheered when viola’s name was called. She so deserved it and her speech was not only beautiful but head on the issue women of color face today in Hollywood. I love that in her speech she gave props to Taraji,Kerry,Gabby, Megan, Halle, and Nicole who are all women starting in their own shows on tv and playing different types of black women and killing it

    I loved that Taraji cheered her on and Regina, it was like she that girlfriend who’s always got your back😝 Between Viola’s speech , Taraji’s cheers, and Kerry’s emotional tears I felt such love between sistas in that moment. Loved it.

    P.S. They played an Apple Music commercial last night during the Emmys featuring Mary j Blige , Kerry Washington and Taraji that was just more black women love, check it out if you have a chance.

  9. I love Taraji,she is so supportive of her fellow actresses.Also did you see Taraji’s family?.She brought her grandmother,mother and son to the Emmys.Her grandmother is 91, she looks like she is in her sixties.
    Black don’t crack.

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