Its Over (Between) Work Wolf

tumblr_n26639IXD61rbr7xoo1_500so its done.
i knew it would be a wrap with work wolf.
i should have placed some bets

so work wolf and i were texting all day.
we are sinking back into our regular routine.
i actually enjoyed the conversation this go round.
ya know…
from a “non-thirsty” place.
plus he makes the day go by.
nothing doesn’t get discussed:


he sent me a picture of the plate of food he ordered last night.
he was on a date with that vixen he been talking too.
it was something i usually order when i go out with him.
he wanted me to see he was trying it as well.
he told me how she wanted to know who he was texting.
he said he didn’t tell her.
so today we talked about what went down after the date:

“how was it?”


“did you finally fuck her?”


“was it good?”

“it was cool”

“how many times?”

“just 1”

tumblr_mdjnqpKl1Q1qaf90uo5_r1_250….but he goes on to tell me how he is over her.
how he is bored and can’t see himself being with her.

“did you let her know this?”


“are you gonna tell her?”

“i’m going to distance myself.”

so i was curious.
i wanted to know what changed.
he said he doesn’t know,
but he isn’t really feeling her anymore.

“was the pussy bad or something?”

“its not the pussy,
it is just her.
i can’t explain it.
she a good vixen but she kinda corny…

“so you came to this conclusion last night?”

“i been thinking about it a while now”

i had to ask myself:

Is he over her?
Or is she over him?

just questions…
work wolf is very confused.
he is all over the place.
he meets these vixens,
he goes through this honeymoon phase,
and then he is over them.
sometimes before or after he fucks them.
like why is he even talking to these vixens?
leading them on?
that new vixen seemed to have her shit together.
they would talk all the time.
it was kinda different with her.
a side of me thought she would be “the one”.
another side laughed at that idea.
i know how he is with these vixens.
they never last but for so long.


52 thoughts on “Its Over (Between) Work Wolf

  1. I don’t know how all of y’all are reading this article like he’s saying, “Work Wolf broke up with his girl, now it’s my turn.” That’s not even what he was saying. (Although, the title is very misleading…)

    To me, as long as he’s loyal in the friendship, it doesn’t REALLY matter how he treats people romantically (Unless it’s you 😉 ) You’re job is to be his friend and give him advice when needed, not judge him based on how he treats people on a different level from you. (i.e. your his friends, not his SO, he’s not gonna treat y’all the same?) IDK, I feel like this comment is a mess, but I think you’re getting what I’m saying.

  2. I’ll be honest. I’m over him for you lol. Ugh, his indecisiveness is draining me haha. I say you guys just remain good friends and keep it moving. Maybe in a few years when he knows exactly what he wants, he’ll be easier to deal with because you’ll know where he stands. It’s understandable though, we all go through things that others may not quite understand so just accept him for what it is, with no expectations, and enjoy his friendship. 🙂

  3. I don’t think anyone is angry, I think no one wants to see J in a headspace where he is talking about death, and despare again over this guy. We all know that this guy doesn’t even deserve J but as this is J’s choice we all want him to be cautious with his feelings. I think the majority of commenters are hoping for a good outcome for J.

  4. Why are people so ANGRY that Jamari is blogging about his experience with this guy? I don’t get it. All this shade you would think The boy was sucking some confused man dick. And does he really need to move on from someone who is his friend? Some of you can’t even move on from your own relations. SMH

  5. you and these MISLEADING headlines…. this is why they are going in on you. you said it was over with you and him; you where going to distance yourself but here you are texting him again after you deleted his info.

  6. Idk, so he hit the puss & now he’s bored with her….He says something wrong with her, she’s kinda corny?

    This Wolf have so many excuses…

    Honestly, IMO, I think something is wrong with him. he is either sexually confused, has commitment issues or both.

    He could be one of those hit it & quit guys.
    Idk though from observing guys in the past that go through women like that, they are either Man-Thots or bi/gay & trying to cope.

    The first guy they do something with is like their gateway drug. He could also be testing to see how comfy he is around you as well.

    And that distancing himself beeps my radar for foolishness/unstable. He could also be narcissistic in that he likes to lead people on for the hell of it..Like an ego web, where he captures flies. He may like girls but won’t mind gays worshipping(lusting) over him as well. Once he gets what he wants, he moves on to the next. Its only for the zest if that makes sense.

    Confusing. Just my opinions.

  7. Personally I don’t question his sexuality because he is a hoe.I question his sexuality because of how or why he buys clothes,food,movie tickets etc for a gay man who probably makes more money than him.I question the sexuality of a straight man who allows a gay man to basically “cuddle with him”I understand being comfortable with one’s sexuality but I would be suspicious of my man allowing a gay man to rest his head on my man’s shoulder or holding on to his bicep while watching a movie. This coupled with doing some of the stuff J has described when they go shopping when he allows J to caress or rub his stomach,chest,etc.seems odd to me.

    I give a side eye to some of this physical interaction,it’s seems questionable to me.

  8. I think he’s emotionally attracted to Jamari but sexually attracted to women……I don’t think he’s gay or DL, its just anomaly in the universe of sexuality. He doesn’t understand how what he looks for in a woman is presented in the package of a man….and even then if he’s gets emotionally involved with a vixen then he feels his connection to Jamari will severed.

  9. Maybe he just a THOT collecting notches. I dont recall any mentions of him saying he was looking for anything longterm. He is not unique, if anything he is like most dudes gay and straight out to get a nut not to catch feelings. Once they get it their bored and on to the next. It doesn’t make him confused about his sexuality just because he bangs alot of different women on a regular basis and becomes disinterested. Gay guys do it too does that mean their confused and might be undercover straight?

  10. this tho…

    the title reminded me of the off the mark names of some myvidster flicks…

    “straight man fucked at walmart”…

    and it will be a drag queen using a dildo at home next to a walmart plastic bag…


    what is the deal with hanging out alone at either person’s villa…

    why has that not happened…

    if nothing else, to see if the closeness is still there when alone and away from prying eyes…

    keep up the fun, if it’s still fun for you…

    push the envelope as far as you can…

    just be prepared, if he fucks, he’ll probably lose interest…

    won’t tell you and just start distancing himself…

    his words…

  11. I always side eye men who have high turnover rates with women. There’s always something wrong with them, always bored, always unsure.

    Dude, YOU’RE the one with the issues. ALL of these fucking women cannot be wrong… Seems shallow sometimes.

    1. Why is everybody calling Work Wolf womanizer? Hello! Women like to fuck too. I know several women like work wolf. He may just be a side piece for this woman. Not all women are out for relationships. Many want to have fun too. Having sex is a two way street and women aren’t all victims.

  12. I don’t know if WW is just a womanizer or if there is something else involved.I can tell he doesn’t seem to like or respect women.I wonder if he has ever had an emotional connection or friendship with a woman.I have a feeling he is the type of guy who refers to all women as bitches.I wish you would ask him about his relationship with his mother or sisters .Also I wonder if his father was a womanizer.

  13. LOL…….when I first read the title I said to myself Damn what he do this time.

    I think WW knows exactly why he is running through these women. It makes me question…has he had any issues with women growing up?…or how women were treated around him growing up?…to meet a vixen who may have her life in order is a jackpot for a lot of the straight guys I know.

    Maybe he is confused (like everyone has said)…..but I sense he is aware of that confusion. Based on your entries Jamari he seeks physical pleasure from them but definitely the emotional connection is with you.

    I could be wrong but that’s just the way it seems. 😌

  14. This storyline is OVER. Dude, he doesn’t want you in that way. You’re embarrassing yourself and you come off thirsty as fuck. How many hints do you need? Are all gay dudes this desperate for masculine men? Playing games with your own mind and others? When do you decide it’s not working for you and move on?

    1. OMG Bgron, you are SOO right. I didnt want to say anything bc i dont want to come off mean lol. But he got a point J, you sounding pretty thirsty over this dude. Move on please.

    2. I’m a little lost. You’re reading the story and commenting on it, so it must be interesting. This is a blog, Jamari tells us about his experiences. Just because he’s blogging about something doesn’t mean he’s head over heels for the guy.

  15. I still believe there’s some underlying issue with women there, one which prevents him from having a meaningful relationship with them. The way he bangs them and then is ready to kick them to the curbs seems a little strange. Most kats would keep her in their graces, for those “dry periods” when new pussy ain’t available. He doesn’t even seem to like doing that. LOL

    1. At first I thought he just uses them for sex but maybe when he starts to feel an emotional connection he dumps them.Maybe he is afraid of falling in love and having his heart broken so he ends relationships before they can reach that stage.If he was a true player he would be juggling several women.I find it odd that he seems to be a serial dater.

  16. Maybe because women don’t do it for him. Invite him to your crib just you and him and chill as friends

    1. Pretty much. My mom always said girls shouldn’t be quick to open their legs to guys they like because the easier he get through your pants the more likely he thinks you’re a hoe and lose his interest like a gasoline on fire. You’re supposed to make him work for it because men like a challenge

    2. Yes the single straight dudes I know do date and screw females but they don’t go through them like work wolf. I’m guessing work wolf is probably in his mid to late 20s a lot of straight guys I know who are around this age are getting married, have kids, or been in long term relationships with women. Every guy is different so I can’t compare but work wolf just shows that he gets bored with women so quick that he treats them as a number, it’s like he hates women. Jamari do you know if he is close to his mother?

  17. Work Wolf stay running through women. I wonder what is the longest relationship he has been in. He is a confused man who doesn’t know what he wants.

  18. Jamari yo friend is ten types of confused he’s bout as confused as a straight man’s dick at a drag show lol! He’s really starting to make me sick personally it just seems like he’s never satisfied what’s up with that? He goes through women like he changes his underwear and then what kills me is its always the women its never him and I think something is a miss with him what is he camouflaging? Jamari I think your doing the right thing by just keeping it platonic because he’s pretty fucked up. Btw I’m glad to see your back to yourself muah!

  19. I feel bad for the vixen. Goddamn, can’t even communicate with her to let her know it’s over? Not even a text? so damn disrespectful. I bet when she brings drama or won’t leave him alone he’ll be confused on why it’s happening and claim she’s the one that got caught up. smh!!!!! This pineapple right here…

  20. I get a sense from him he like the ratchet, plays games, give it up easy, kind of girls out here. But now that someone who seems to be stable above the bullshit and is mature he’s turned off. It doesn’t seem like he knows what he wants , which is fine because let’s be honest he’s a fine build wolf (I’m just going by your description of him) and has years of player still in him. Girls seem to throw themselves at him and he has no problem getting pussy sooooooooooooooo until he gets old, fat, or loses his looks I see this being a pattern for him for years to come.

    P.S. When the title oft his post popped up in my email I was was totally up for bad news 😜

  21. Have you asked him if its something else he is looking for that women cant satisfy. I mean, do you think its you. I dont see the point of the ambiguity between you two at this point especially after how yall were on each other the other day.

      1. Hmm well i wonder what it is. I mean unless he just doesn’t want a relationship. So you dont think he has any romantic feelings for you?

  22. I don’t know who you think you fooling. If he hits you up, you know you gone respond. Honestly I think you should just remain friends and move on. You keep getting your hopes up just to get crush and you over analyze every interaction between you two. If anything use him as a lightening rod to draw other fine wolves

    1. ^how am i getting my hopes up fly?
      did i say i wanted to fuck him anywhere in that entry?
      did i say that now he stopped talking to her,
      ima move in and try to get him?
      the pineapple was talking to me about some vixen he just stopped talking too.
      i’m lost…

      1. I have the gift of experience and discernment. No you didn’t say that you are trying to make a move on him. But this is another post of you saying you’re over him when you know your really not. Trust me I’m good at this game. Sometimes i think if I can convince my friends that I’m over a nigga, then I know I can convince myself.

        And to me it seems like your trying to convince yourself with this post. #IJS

    2. ^Ding! Ding! Give this one a prize.

      At this point I’m just rolling my eyes. This is reminding me of the Key & Peele sketch with the two girls talking about the other’s man.

      “I swear THIS is the last time!”

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