“The Visit” With Work Wolf

i did something.
it was completely out of character for me.
you cannot judge me!
you promise?
it happened on this outing today with work wolf

so a little after church,
nightly called me wanted to know if i wanted to go to the movies.
i had nothing to do so i said sure.
she said she also invited work wolf.
he was down.
tumblr_mdjnqpKl1Q1qaf90uo8_r2_250the next movie was at 330 at in the city
it was around 1230-ish when she called.
it would only take me like 15 minutes to get over there.
i hopped in the bath,
pulled out a simple outfit,
and was out the door.

when i got down there,
they were both already there.
nightly decided she wanted to take this moment to have an intervention.
outside the damn movie theater.
she told work wolf he was dead wrong for what he did.
she basically tore into him.
she said he needed to give me a real apology because you don’t do a friend like that.
he agreed.
she also said we have a good friendship and it shouldn’t end over dumb shit.
we both agreed.
apparently work wolf went to her and told her how he wants my friendship back.
i really ceased all communication with him,
but honestly,
i was over it.
i’m not the type to hold grudges.
i prayed for him and asked god to deal with it.
work wolf apologized once again and i forgave him.

after that “abc family moment”,
we went to see this scary movie called “the visit”.
i hadn’t heard too much about it,
but work wolf said he wanted to see something scary.
he also paid for my ticket and bought me popcorn/slushie.
we ended up sharing them.
well not the slushie.

tumblr_m84oevZVMZ1qaf90uo3_250i don’t play when it comes to a slushie.

work wolf sat in-between the both of us.
we were all scared watching this movie.
nightly decided she would use her fear to talk back to the screen.
work wolf,
in all his “manliness”,
was blocking his eyes at the scary parts.
he also started getting closer and closer to me.

this is what i did.

i pretended i was more scared than i was.
i took the opportunity to grab his arm.
(sidebar: his bicep is so meaty and soft)
he didn’t flinch or move.
i rested my head on his shoulder.
he also rested his head on my head.
lets go farther.
i sunk deeper in my chair,
while holding onto his bicep,
and not letting go.
i teased him by moving his hands from his eyes.
there was no:

“nigga get off me!”


“um wtf?”

he just let it happen.
it wasn’t until the end close to the credits when i heard him say:

“okay get up”

…in a really low voice.
thats when i moved.

when we walked out the theater,
nightly went to the bathroom.
i told work wolf i was sorry i was all up on him like that.
i was “scared”.

“its no problem.”

“you sure?”

“if it was an issue,
i would have told you.”

tumblr_m3xbur4Ade1qaf90uo3_r1_250well okay.
i still felt a little uncomfortable because i don’t do that kind of thing.
 the opportunity presented itself,
so why not?
i did a bold move outside my own comfort zone.
was it outside of his tho?

he did say my “gasps” were annoying.
i apologized.
he was joking.

“you always take everything i say to the ass.”

when i got in the crib,
he texted me to see if i made it home okay.
i told him “yeah” and i’ll “see him tomorrow”.

“have a good night.”

“you too.”

i’m still going to keep my distance,
but i’m glad we squashed the beef.

lowkey: movie was good.
4 tails up outta 5.

44 thoughts on ““The Visit” With Work Wolf

  1. I said it in another comment, but no matter how “proactive” they are, straight guys are going to have moments they’re uncomfortable around gay friends/or when their boys start talking shit. It’s something new for him. He clearly cares, he’s just confused. I would try not to take it too personally.

  2. Lol you still sprung as hell for this dude. None of these actions remotely platonic. I can see you at some point having to tell him how you really feel about him. Hope it works out for you man.

  3. Oh shucks…. I need help Jamari! We have so much in common! I got too many wolves that act just like your work wolf … My DL bestie showed me way to feel-up on guys and comments to say… But I need that CONFIDENCE like you’d displayed! BRAVO 👏👏👏👏
    My challenge for this week is to attempt to flirt with one of these wolves… I’m tired of assuming if they like me and I’m tired of bringing ppl around to justify if there actions are exactly what I have been noticing (which they are) now it’s my turn.. Wish a Brotha luck! Lol

    1. ^jo…
      my life is based on timing usually.
      i felt that was the right time to try something like that.
      I felt any other time,
      I would have held off.
      my foxy senses told me that was time to do that.

      I need to write an entry about timing.

      1. So do you still question if he likes you in a romantic sense? I mean u rest your head on his shoulder and he puts his head on yo head? I mean there really isnt much to say it should be obvious. Also if ya girl was sitting there she def saw. It wouldnt be hard to see. Idk.

  4. I always laughed at the thought of him reading your blog. Like imagine if the whole time he be up on this and put the pieces together.

  5. Good for you Jamari; the new “saga” is better for you while he finds himself because you clearly know who you are and what makes you tick; confine to embracing that. Be there for him as long as it doesn’t hurt you or take away from you and yours. He really likes you; doesn’t that make you feel good? Like I have said all along; there is a mutual exchange here. He knows how you feel so you’re in good position if anything develops Go with the flow; DO YOU cause you know he DOING HIM! #LoveAlwaysWins

    1. Zeus I second this.. Zeus hopefully it’s okay that I ask this but you said you dated females in college, did you always have desires for men but suppressed them, and also what sexual role do you play now that your with men if you don’t mind be asking?

  6. So was the movie good!? Was going to go see it with family but we saw the ratings for it and said hell naw.

    I think you went about this situation perfectly. You didn’t overreact and you got it through to Work Wolf that it really did hurt you, he clearly feels guilty about it. Work Wolf is like most other guys, if someone insinuates they’re gay they have to prove they aren’t.

    I think when he said those things he assumed it wouldn’t hurt you. Think about it. Initially he said not to care what people think.. Now it seems he’s come to the understanding that you two have a special relationship he can’t explain, necessary to hide from judgmental ass people like Liar Liar (can’t blame him here, he chose the wrong words though). He’s not completely comfortable so he’s probably going to lie to other people a lot, I think you did right by letting him know when he crosses the line and offends you with the lies though.

  7. You have him emotionally. NO DOUBT. This can be way better than having him physically. Just continue to go with the flow. If something manifests then so be it. What if it manifests quickly and it’s not what you thought it would be? You’ll feel some type of way. Just continue to let it be. Good sincere friendships are extremely hard to come by these days.

  8. Something isn’t right about that. Can you just fuck him Jamari. I still maintain the good ole lets get drunk/high and chill at the crib trap

    1. ^well I doubt that will be happening anytime soon.

      he just texted me a picture of his food on a date.
      it was a plate that I ordered last time we went out.
      that vixen and him are doing their thing.
      could be serious.
      could be not.
      im not trying to go back to that “place” I was with him.
      no “hopes and dreams”.

      that was fun,
      but new approach this new “saga”.

          1. im not going through that emotional turmoil i went through before we stopped speaking.
            i felt it when he said he was on a date,
            but I got that in check real quick.
            nahhhhhhh son.
            im not trying to do the sequel.

  9. Hold up! He is REAL comfortable in his manhood, I love it. As long as you are happy and safe; that’s paramount. I really see a game here; you both mutually enjoy one another’s company. I need to see for myself how “scary” this movie is! I may invite my work boo to go with me.

  10. I sat here giggling at the whole “test the waters” situation. Vicariously living through you. LOL. You just be careful outchea…

    1. There is no way she didn’t see what was going on unless she is deaf, mute and blind. I think she knows how he feels but it’s not her place to say. You should ask her what conversations WW and her had because for her yo set that up she knows alot more thsn you are letting on

      1. Yall was basically cuddling in public. He clearly didn’t care who saw. Ww clearly has communicated to her how things went down, how it made you feel and how it made her feel to want to step in and get yall back together.

    2. Don’t apologize…bi-curiousity is real lol I mean think about it, we all didn’t start dating dudes from jump street. I was dating females in college and all the while knew I had feelings for dudes, long before then but I pushed it away; its a struggle. I think he’s struggling. Jamari is his safe zone. I mean I could be waaaay off but I’m just speaking from experience. He’s human like all of us.

    3. I totally agree with Tony cause no way in hell a str8 dude is gonna allow another man rest his head on him then place his head on top of his. He’s bi at the least.

  11. Yeah no need to be not cool. You knew his ways from the beginning. It’s a good guy. Forgive just never forget.

  12. I think work wolf gets that he really hurt you, and I think it was kind of good that you’ll had a little distance. I know he was smiling from ear to ear when he saw you today.

  13. This made me smile 😀. Glad yall made up…I support your decision….just be careful with those emotions J.

    I was thinking the same thing @mikey kun said….I think Nightly knows it’s more to the friendship. She seems cool though.

  14. LOL Jamari, you so bad and bold! I like it.
    WW is an interesting man… I wonder what nightly thought? I’m curious as to what her opinion is of WW, to see his interactions with you, and for her to be the one girl he does NOT want to smash. (Or does he?) This girl is an interesting addition to the mix.

    It’s interesting.

    1. ^naw he isn’t interested in her.

      i don’t think she saw that scene next to her.
      she was in her own world.
      i think that’s why he said “get up”.
      she said she isn’t interested in him either.

      she is cool tho.
      we have become real close since the incident.

  15. Cute! I’m Supporting you with whatever decision you decide to make on your friendship with work wolf because at the end of the day he plays a big role in your life now. Question , do you think maybe nightly has picked up on some vibes from the friendship you guys have between each other, it seems like to me she knows there are deep feelings there idk just something I’m sensing from your description of her.

    P.S. When I saw the trailers for that movie I didn’t think much of it but people told me the plot twist and now I’m mad I missed it.

  16. Glad you two squashed the beef. You do not need to distance yourself from him, you just need to keep your feelings out of the equation. That is what needs to be distanced from him.

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