stacey dash wants to come back home because she realizes it’s cold and lonely out there

they always come back.
whether they ghosted,
broke your heart,
destroyed the friendship,
thought you were gonna be a nobody,
or completely cooned out,
they always find a way back.
“the assholes” fail to realize life has a way of humbling you.
the grass is truly never greater on the other side.
it might look great over the fence to the assholes,
but it legit be astroturf once they get over there.
stacey dash thought she was doing herself a favor selling out to the republican party.
remember her antics when she was full maga?

guess what?…

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i want to apologize to you

…i truly am.
i was thinking about you today.
i think about you a lot actually.
thinking about how much i really liked you,
but i fucked it all up.
i’m so damn awkward when i’m around someone i’m really feelin’.
there was a time you were trying to get at me,
but i acted standoffish.
i mean you fumbled the bag too,
but i’ll get into that after i font my peace.
now it wasn’t that i was standoffish…

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so beyonce is pushing homophobia?

speaking of,
i’m due to listen to “lemonade” soon.
i like to give queen b’s music a break so i can miss her.

i don’t take it as seriously as some,
but i hate when i’m chatting with a straight wolf and it’s:

“PAUSE this; PAUSE that.”

we get it,
you’re straight and say questionable shit.
i wasn’t judging before.
i will going forward.
the straights who know i get down get checked asap for it.
well a trans-vixen from “pose” on fx,
angelica ross,
called out beyonce for her using the word,

“I don’t give a fuck,
chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls,
I had enough…
– “sorry“, lemonade

these are her tweets
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I (Don’t) Need Your Apology

offset should have stuck to his guns.
i would have respected him more if he did.
he clearly doesn’t give a fuck,
but he was forced to coloring in between the lines.
so if you didn’t know,
offset from migos,
doesn’t “vibe with queers”.
this coming from someone who legit wears blouses,
but i digress.
he has a featured verse in a new song called “boss life”,
where he said what he said

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Keith Powers Serves The Bisexuals A Cup of “Sorry”

in my heart,
i feel like keith powers is a genuine wolf.
he is very harmless compared to others.
you know “the others”.
well remember that scandal he had with the comments he made about the male bisexuals?
( x read it here )
well he realized the error in his ways this morning.
this is what he fonted on twitter
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Tyrese Gets A “Sorry” Dragged Out Of Him

well i thought he wouldn’t respond,
but tyrese had something to say in regards to tv “radio” wendy.
you know she called him out for that mouth of his.
he took to ig to post this…
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