Azealia Banks Has An “I’m Sorry” From Somewhere Far Away

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too late azealia…
your banishment is still on “high priority”.
i say stay on silent mode,
make good music,
and let your art speak from prison.
we will never forget what flew out your big mouth.
i’m sure the forests will lower your banishment in a few years.

picture credited: instagram

The Status About The Becky With The Good Hair?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 6.54.26 PMso the hive already made guantanamo bay in rachel roy’s ig.
she is the alleged “becky with the good hair” b was singing about.
they even assaulted her daughter’s ig as well.
rachel is probably in witness protection as we speak.
well a vix-bi may have a lead into rachel’s past life.
so rachel use to be married to the late nba baller wolf,
yinka dare.
the vix-bi was really close to that situation.
she knows a good friend of the late yinka.
he was also around during the marriage of yinka and rachel.
this is what he posted on his facebook about rachel…
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Who You Callin’ A Becky? ( U N I T Y )

tumblr_nfjvc7HJPN1sy1evpo1_500this “lemonade” is stirring up a lot of drama.
everyone has something to say.
side chicks and now white chicks.
that line in the song,

“becky with the good hair”

…is causing a lot of commotion.
 iggy azalea ain’t with it.
well someone decided to call her “becky” on twitter.
“becky” is term used for snow bunnies.
this is what she had to say
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Forgive Me (Foxhole)

tumblr_m05nd9kA291qijj8qplease forgive me.
last night,
i went to a workshop that i signed up for.
it was a while ago and i completely forgot.
well i got the reminder email yesterday.
it went from 6 to 9pm.
i was so tired,
but i tried to keep it together.
as i was in there,
pretending i was really paying attention,
i thought about my life as a whole
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“The Visit” With Work Wolf

i did something.
it was completely out of character for me.
you cannot judge me!
you promise?
it happened on this outing today with work wolf
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Saying Sorry Just For Show

tumblr_nrbzqig0BW1s9lptno1_500so this little spat with nicki minaj and taylor swift came to an end today.
taylor swift did this
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