Azealia Banks Has An “I’m Sorry” From Somewhere Far Away

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too late azealia…
your banishment is still on “high priority”.
i say stay on silent mode,
make good music,
and let your art speak from prison.
we will never forget what flew out your big mouth.
i’m sure the forests will lower your banishment in a few years.

picture credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Has An “I’m Sorry” From Somewhere Far Away”

  1. I wasn’t even paying attention when the stuff about Zayn appeared. I’m just really shocked at the shit she was saying to Skai.

    I always saw Azealia Banks as someone that could go too hard some times, but I knew she felt so strongly about how black women are mistreated in the industry. I liked that about her out of all the bull. So I just don’t understand why she said stuff like that to a young black girl in the industry like herself

  2. The thing that really disturbed me more than the Twitter incident was the Periscope incident. She really needs some serious psychological attention, stat.

    1. That periscope “Sand Nigger” video was disgusting. She kept on calling Zayn a nigger and called him “black” as if it was a disgusting thing. She made it seem like there was some negative connotation with being black. This girl hates herself and has some DEEP routed issues. She also insulted the UK’s music scene too. Yet some of her biggest hits have UK garage inspired themes to them too.

  3. LOL her publicist was clearly working overtime. Damage control huh? Girl SIT. You’ve made your bed so lie in it. She lost a booking in London (losing money) so of course she is going to post this. Not to mention she’s lost her major trolling platform (Twitter) and her fuckery has probably caught up with her concious. Disappear Banks! Fly away!

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