They Like To Perform For Us

tumblr_mddysg2SdU1qjzsg7o1_500so summer is almost here and for us new yawkers,
you know what that means on the mta?
well yes,
homeless animals stinkin’ up the joint.
avoid empty train cars with 1 animal on it please!

seriously its the cubs performing in between stops.
sometimes it can be annoying,
but other times it can be real entertaining.
like so…

tumblr_inline_o2xq05A5Ug1sos51t_500that was dope af.
i would have given them money.
i always get nervous to standing at the doors while they perform tho.
a kick to the face ain’t it.

lowkey: whatever it is,
from the talented to the absolutely outrageous,
we are always entertained in new yawk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “They Like To Perform For Us”

  1. Shit if I could move like that I’d quit my job and oil up and wear basketball shorts and bright socks and turn on some bounce music and make that money lol

  2. Wow. That was awesome. But for real, for real, J, I would beat some ass if I got a kick to the face. Haha.

    1. ^So much so that the majority of the people aren’t really paying attention to them. Subway performers are commonplace, so the daily riders are used to them and pay them no attention. LOL
      On another note, summer not only brings out the performers…it brings out the “prison bods”! Lotta dudes about to be released and the bodies will be on display!

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