pro – bring a bitch down who is a demon behind the scenes

The Situation

she was super pro-black/latina/fat/gay/trans/pronouns/everything.
she would use “-phobic” if someone didn’t agree with her.
you know folks love when someone is accused of having a “phobia”.
her stans flocked to her twicth streams because of her outspoken views.
i fell for it tbh.
woke folks tend to do that since they carry an air of “change the world”.
she was very unassuming and appeared to be friendly.
her friendships with other bigger streamers helped her too.
that was last year when things were all good.
i thought about her randomly because i haven’t seen her on twitch.
when i went to rummage around her socials,
she was gone.

TF happened?


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banished jackal, billy santoro, is down under but down and out too?

when it rains; it pours.
when you’re a bumbling idiotic jackal,
it’s a damn hurricane.
remember we fonted about ex-porn star jackal,
billy santoro,
and his gross ranting about black folks because of the george floyd riots?
( x see that entry here )
i mean they dragged his ass to a suicide attempt.
he blames his past actions on his meth addiction:

but now it seems life is dragging him to eviction.
it beez those sex parties via “smh”

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When Your Attentionisto Ways Come Back To Banish You

i remember when the internet was buzzing about michael hoffman.
he was an attentionisto who was jacking off for the cam.
he was also fingering himself and all kinds of other shit.
it was boring af.
a flick “leaked” with some snow bunny and i couldn’t help but think:

this is theeeeeee ( x most boring-est straight smashing ) I’ve ever seen.”

well shortly after his hype died down,
he went away.
as most attentionistos do after a while.
well a f-bi sent me a recent video of michael hoffman in full confession.
this is what he had to say on twitter
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Congrats! You’ve Been Banished!

in life,
you will not get along with everyone.
there will be times you will beef with certain folks you meet.
it’s normal.
this whole mo’nique issue made me sit and think about being blackballed.
with so many sensitive personalities nowadays,
it’s easy for someone to have you eradicated from what you love.
you gotta cater to their fragile egos in fear you being ruined.

the manager vixen who wants to make all the males her bitches
the gay supervisor that can get catty if you don’t flirt back with him
the snow wolf who is borderline racist but tolerant to an extent

even working a simple 9 to 5 with some of these managers and supervisors.
i had to wonder

How do you really get banished?

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Mo’Nique Has A Word for Those Who Banished Her To D List Hell

mo’nique is a very strong black vixen.
that strength and outspokenness can be off putting for some.
i remember she allegedly kicked up a lot of dust after that whole “precious” debacle.
it started allegedly with lee daniels and then allegedly oprah wasn’t fuckin’ with her.
i don’t know where tyler perry comes in at.
well it all led to her allegedly getting banished.
instead of fading away,
mo’nique kept working and doing her quietly.
well at the apollo theater in harlem last night,
for a mother’s day show,
mo’nique went completely off about all three who allegedly blackballed her.
this is what she had to say on stage via yeah i’m famous
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Azealia Banks Has An “I’m Sorry” From Somewhere Far Away

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.02.14 PM

too late azealia…
your banishment is still on “high priority”.
i say stay on silent mode,
make good music,
and let your art speak from prison.
we will never forget what flew out your big mouth.
i’m sure the forests will lower your banishment in a few years.

picture credited: instagram