When Your Attentionisto Ways Come Back To Banish You

i remember when the internet was buzzing about michael hoffman.
he was an attentionisto who was jacking off for the cam.
he was also fingering himself and all kinds of other shit.
it was boring af.
a flick “leaked” with some snow bunny and i couldn’t help but think:

this is theeeeeee ( x most boring-est straight smashing ) I’ve ever seen.”

well shortly after his hype died down,
he went away.
as most attentionistos do after a while.
well a f-bi sent me a recent video of michael hoffman in full confession.
this is what he had to say on twitter

that is sounding real “suicide”-ish.
someone give him a call.
the vixens leave because he seem weird af.
he can’t get a job because he is covered in tatts.
you can’t expect to get employed with a bear growling on his neck.

Some don’t think past the trees to see whole forest

it’s all fun and games for internet likes and popularity,
but if you have nothing else to offer,
you will soon be “the next fad”.
you can only jack your dick or sell your nudes for so long.
you’ll be surprised who is lurking online.
from hr departments to the damn hunters.
when you connect your phone number or email to your social media sites,
it’s easy access for your whole shit to be reviewed.
i can’t really feel sorry for michael.
he chose that attentionisto life.
the f-bi also had this to say about michael:

“He didn’t like blacks. There was an online rant he did once.
also, he did the sex tape with the girl, but he couldn’t get hard. did the scene with the dude…and the dick was brick!
So you tell me! Dude…you’re gay. LOL”

he is sooooo missing his calling as a rich snow wolf’s blow up doll.
you know they’ll pay big money for ( x this ).
i’ll need him to stop whining and get with it.

lowkey: if he gonna fuck vixens on camera,
he better learn to fuck like ( x this ).
( x or this ).
( x and this ).
anything less than that makes me sweepy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “When Your Attentionisto Ways Come Back To Banish You”

  1. I have no idea who this is or why I should feel sorry for him.

    He’s white in America. He still has more opportunities than most. Become a bartender, go to trade school and become an electrician or plumber. Grow a beard and change your name.

    My guess is he’s used to getting what he wants when he wants it and he no longer has the juice like that.

    1. My thoughts exactly. These people really be wanting out sympathy when it really isn’t warranted. These people want to use their bodies to get ahead, and get upset when it doesn’t work for them anymore.

    1. Get the VISIBLE tats removed, and maybe someone will hire them. Had he not gone overboard with the tats, he (Michael) probably could’ve got some modeling work. He didn’t have that big ass bear tat on his neck a few years back. That had to have been a year ago tops.

  2. Would someone mind posting the rant against Blacks and Latinos that he posted on Twitter – I scrolled through and I saw nothing. I am curious to read or see what he posted. Thanks.

  3. Would someone mind sending the link to the twitter rant that he made again blacks and latinos? I’m curious to see or read it. Thanks

    1. It was a YouTube clip from back in 2014 or 2015, I believe. I looked on Google but it looks like a lot of his old YouTube clips are no longer available. In the clip he sounded like he was high or drunk though. I was aware of it because it was linked on a message board for a site I used to visit long ago.

      1. @Weiss & Christian

        So the alleged “racist rant” is no longer available?
        Hmm, so that means no receipts for alleged claims that Michael is a racist.

      2. yeah…no receipts. But I know it’s out there somewhere. We were referred to as useless niggers and spics in his tirade. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. A lot of his YouTube videos are no longer available.

  4. I hope he can get some help because it sounds like he needs it. I remember when he was really popping ( at least in the white gay community)it seemed like so many gay blogs were beyond pleased with his videos, to the point where he was able to sell his videos to a company and make money.

    Like many attentionistos they get a swell head because of the attention and likes and not think that this will end and then what? I was surprised his next move wasn’t to get signed by one of those white gay porn companies. They have no problem hiring a hot guy like Hoffman who would take baby steps to kiss, rim ass, and fuck a guy on screen.

  5. Every story posted about this guy on gay blogs always seem to come across as the typical judgmental shtt I expect from shady queens. Did he murder anyone? Did he kill a Black man at a police stop? WTF is his crime other than what he’s done to himself?

    1. ^if he wasn’t attractive,
      would it have been okay that “shady queens” had something to say?

      im confused because we all pick and choose who we shade and drag.

    2. ^personally speaking,
      ive seen black r&b singers get dragged for less because they came out with one or two bad records or made the wrong choices in their careers.

      if im wrong,
      please correct me.

      1. Jamari I’m not going to sit here and channel Iyanla Vanzant by telling you how to display moral compassion or how to be less “shady.” Those choices are yours! And your conscience should guide them (if you have one). I’m simply adding my thoughts to the zeitgeist of Michael Hoffman. Do with them as you will.

    3. I don’t think people are being judgmental. This is a good example for people to understand/realize that this social media BS is nothing but a flash-in-the-pan-moment, and your “fame” will not last forever. I don’t think these people realize that shyt you post on the internet is there forever. You may THINK you’re deleting it, but guess what…it’s out there. And IT WILL come back to haunt you.

      Michael’s choices are coming back to haunt him. Did anyone point a gun to his head saying you will record videos of yourself jerking off and post them on the internet? Did anyone tell him to sell those videos to a porn production company to make some dough off of it? Did anyone tell him to go online and rant about his dislike of black and hispanics? As far as I know, no one did that. Those were his choices, and instead of thinking “in the moment” he should’ve been thinking about real life and real jobs…especially when he was getting those tats. Maybe he was indulging in recreational drugs at the time and decided to get those tats, without really thinking about it. I’ve read that “friends” of his have said he had some issues with drug use and that he was an angry young man, but was it before or after his “internet fame”? I’m willing to bet it was the latter. That “fame” may have given him a big head and ego. Maybe he wanted to be a porn star, we don’t know, but it was his choices that got him to this point.

      Don’t whine about it. Take some action. There’s something there, aside from those tats, that’s causing people to not want to have anything to do with him. Perhaps he mistreated people and it is coming back to haunt him. He’s telling girls that he’s straight but then they go online and see him dealing with guys and/or fingering himself. To some women, that’s a turn-off. To others, it’s hot. Perhaps he’s meeting the wrong ones. I would say find himself a bisexual chick, but some of them are turned off by bisexual men (those are arguments I’d like to forget). He should seek help, talk to a therapist. Find out what is at the heart of his behavior, and perhaps they can help him turn around.

      The moral of this long ass comment…don’t put shit on the Internet if you don’t want it to come back and slap you in the face, giving you a reality check. Companies do look at your profiles on social media, whether they will admit it or not. They look to see if your image fits their image.

  6. I feel sorry for him in sense that he closed off many job opportunities for the rest of his life because he made stupid decisions as a kid. He still has choices: tattoo artist, personal trainer, barber, so on and so forth. First he needs a friend moonstruck him (snap out of it), and second needs to figure out what he can make of his life instead of wallowing in poor decisions he’s made in the past. When he cleans up he’s very beautiful, he’s young, male and white, and in this country those things still count for something.

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