So That “Justice League” Trailer Turned Me On…

it happened.
everyone stopped what they were doing yesterday for one purpose.


it debuted at comic con and it was…

…straight up and down superhero porn.
was that not amazing?
wait tho…

…Superman died?

a foxholer told me i needed to watch “batman vs superman” to know that.
so i guess i’ll be watching that pretty soon.
i’m here for this “justice league” movie tho.
it’s what my superhero loins need.
speaking of loins

mine just exploded.
“justice league” hits theaters this november.

10 thoughts on “So That “Justice League” Trailer Turned Me On…

  1. It’s gonna be AMAZING. Steppenwolf looks so good, but I think the person who Alfred was talking to wasn’t Superman, but JohnnStewart or J’onn J’onzz. Anyhow, I can’t wait to see the rise or Darkseid and he better be voiced by Michael Ironside.

    I think this will make up for what BvS lacked.

  2. I’m so ready this film to drop I’m already excited for this and thor and spiderman: homecoming and some others dropping this year but next year is going to be alllllll about black panther and the individual justice league films (I know aquaman the flash cyborg are getting their own movies though flash might take a minute since the director changed)

    Lowkey I hope they go w/ flashpoint’s story one day in live action (I enjoyed it on the flash and the animated film but showing that flash alters the timeline and seeing live action bruce wayne’s father taking over the mantle would be EVERYTHING.

  3. I’m going I be honest, I’m completely over super hero movies. It’s quite overkill.

  4. This Justice league trailer and the Thor Ragnarok trailer were amazing. I’m so ready to see these films .

  5. I spent all of Saturday in total geek mode. Comic Con 2017 gave so much to fans of sci fi and the comic. Trailers galore were dropping everywhere. And yes, Justice League was epic, but there were others that deserve honorable mentions.

    1. I feel ya. I cannot wait for Dragoncon here in Atlanta. I going for all 4 days. What they should do is bring back Justice League cartoon so all of the DC superheroes can get their shine. They need to do a full Teen Titans action movie.

      1. @Omar…you do know that the Teen Titans are getting their own TV show, right? JL was brought back as JLAction (it’s very kiddy like). Young Justice is coming back though. It was announced at Comic Con, and they showed some pictures of the newer team members, along with a few older ones. I couldn’t help but notice that Superboy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad were absent from the lineup.

    2. Yeah, there were some interesting trailers shown! That movie “Ready Player One” looks sick!! It’s directed by Steven Spielberg. Thor Ragnarok looks damn good too! The new IT looks creepy as hell.
      I want to see the Avengers Infinity War footage/trailer though! THAT’S the one I want to see!

  6. Hey Jamari.. Good Morning. I cannot wait for this movie to come out. In order for you to understand this story line you either have to read some of the back comic books or watch “Batman vs Superman”. Just FYI though, Superman will be in the movie (I am not sure if it’s Part I or Part II) but he will come back as evil. (Wearing a black suit). I am a superhero junkie. I have allot of the Justice league cartoon movies on DVD. (yeah can you say black nerd . lol). Side bar Jamari, I still have Sling TV. But I did find a streaming service that is cheaper that I am trying out for 3 day free trail called SETVNOW. Over 500 channels for $20/mth. You can either download the app for free and just pay $20/mth or get their on box for $89 (Which is better because you have less issues). Check out their website:

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