I Want To Tell You The Secret (Just Between Us Foxholers)

^that was a whatsapp from a friend of mine.
she needed to get a crib by the end of the month.
during these last few weeks,
everywhere she looked…

…it wasn’t what she was looking for.
either the house wasn’t up to her standards,
or when she did find a good one,
the neighborhood was at the corner of crime spree and gunshot avenue.
she called me a few weeks ago,
frustrated af.
so i told her:

say what she wanted in her house
be as descriptive as possible
let it go and know your desires will be answered

this week,
she decided to take her cub to paris for a get away trip.
while in paris,
she got a call about a crib that would be perfect for her.
as soon as got back,
she went to see it and it’s hers.

the pretty vixen wanted to meet a baller wolf.
she randomly said she would meet one yesterday morning.
she said she gave no details.
two weeks before,
she joined a really expensive gym in the city.
she has always been one to align herself with what she wants.
since she has been going to this gym,
a few knicks baller wolves have been working out there.
they would be there during the day when she was at work.
she continued to do her thing and left the outcome alone.
well last night,
she ended up meeting one who plays for a team in another state.

as you know,
i have been looking for a job heavy.
i need something permanent or long term.
i was filled with anxiety and depression.
i said what i wanted in a job and left it alone.
well no soon after i said that,
i’ve gotten a number of job prospects that are long term/permanent.
i have a interview on monday.
not only that,
a position opened up at the pretty vixen’s office as well.
it’s only for six months,
but it’s everything i’m looking for.

i’m fonting all that to get to this point.
we all want something/someone,
but we get caught up in the “where is it?” or “why can’t i get it?”.
when we randomly say:

“i wonder what happened to _____________?”

…they/it just pops up with no effort.
well we aren’t attached to that outcome.
so that’s why it was nothing for us to get our answers.
it’s the big things we want that we attach “desperate” energy on.
i’m guilty of doing that all the time.
it usually never comes to pass and i’m left frustrated/depressed/over it all.

the pretty vixen and i have been testing this theory out these last few weeks.
little things were so easy to get.
all these years of emotionally and spiritually begging for things is all wrong.
when i’m in a “whatever” mode,
i usually get everything i want.
when i’m in worry or anxiety,
i never get the answers i’m looking for.
you see i randomly wrote about kiing lawrence and he showed up in the foxhole.
i randomly saw his pic,
randomly asked myself what happened to him,
something told me to write about him,
and he showed up as the answer.
i don’t think i was as descriptive as i what i wanted from him tho.
either way,
that was enough for me to know this is real shit.
so i want the foxhole to try it.


you can’t envy others or feel sad if things don’t happen immediately.
don’t complain to others because that means you’re still attached.
if you don’t get any answers,
that probably wasn’t for you,
but a better solution is on the way.
you have to legit be like “whatever” and follow the signs.
your senses will alert you when you got the answer.
it might be to call someone,
watch a movie that has a clue,
or go somewhere and you’ll bump into it.
you’ll just know.
so if i can get answers about the little things


i create my own reality with the help of the universe.

lowkey: the lyrics to “secret” from madonna are a master key…

8 thoughts on “I Want To Tell You The Secret (Just Between Us Foxholers)

  1. The law of attraction is what that thing is called, knowing that you can not change the outcome ,and still receive the outcome and be ok with it. I have been using this trick for years and if you use your best self and your intention to rule your feelings then and only then can what you really want come to you ,in abundance. The book the secret is all that we need to achieve the power of the mind. Love and peace.

  2. This post came right on time, we have already discussed how just need to let it go and god/universerse will take it from there. When we aren’t constantly stressing out about our situation that’s when the blessings come.

  3. You know, this is true. I been looking for a job in my field for awhile. So this past week, before I went to sleep, I prayed that I wanted to get back in my field a.s.a.p, till something long term comes around. I didn’t harp on the prayer, just a few words and that was it. The next morning, I received a short term job offer. I’m so excited to get back to what I know and love, until the big job comes around.

  4. Exactly. You live a good life, put out good vibes…it will come back to you when you least expect it.

    A VP resigned this week, and when he was leaving the office after the exit interview, he poked his head in my office and said to me I just want to tell you that some of your coworkers could take a cue from you on how to treat others. You were always helpful without attitude, you have a great vibe and sense of humor, and many people around here speak very highly of you. This place needs more people like you.

    Blew-my-mind! Interestingly enough, I didn’t even think he knew I existed. LOL
    I had little to no interaction with him, but with many people in his area. I am a stern believer in giving out what you expect to receive back. Treat people kindly, and they will gravitate to you. Through word of mouth you attract others, who want to “see for themselves”. That’s when you opportunities arise. Take advantage of them when they do.

    1. “Treat people kindly, and they will gravitate to you. Through word of mouth you attract others, who want to “see for themselves”. That’s when you opportunities arise. Take advantage of them when they do.”


  5. This is exactly how I live my life. Law of attraction. What u put out there will definitely come to u..good or bad.

    1. ^i’ve now began figuring it and it’s so good.

      i legit don’t even look at others as i use to.
      i’m so concerned with my own happiness nowadays.
      when you go against the universal grain,
      it makes things/people come to you.
      aside that,
      you are in a peaceful mode.

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