Gloria James Problem Might be King James Problem

trouble in paradise?
gloria james,
lebron james mama,
knows how to pick em,

doesn’t she?
well i knew this “lambo” character was gonna be problems in the future.
when she started dating him,
he was doing entirely too much.
he was caught cheating on auntie g and they broke up.
of course,
lambo took to instagram because he had a lot to say via baller alert

when you reach a certain level in life,
you have to be careful of who you let in.
in and out.
everyone is a potential “problem”.
you won’t see that “problem” until you gotta get rid of them.
some of these randoms don’t need to know your secrets.
they don’t need to know you lie,
and even steal to maintain the life you live.
this situation reminds me of tom and claire from “house of cards” last season.
that ended badly for all parties involved.

king james needs to make this situation go away.
a nice check and nda will do the trick.
king has more to lose with an exposure.
he’s the “all american baller wolf”.
mama g gonna have to start vetting these random pineapples better too.
she needs a device to start beeping when potential “ain’t shit” starts cummin.
it’s called “common sense”.
get it together auntie.

lowkey: if lambo was allegedly caught cheating,
he is a real dumb ass.
auntie g is connected.
you are now connected by association.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Gloria James Problem Might be King James Problem”

  1. Wait…wasn’t she dating a former teammate of his? That’s the dude who’s homeless now, right?
    Mama James a cougar! She likes the youngins, huh? Can we be real for a moment. Was he really with her for her, or because he was looking to use some of her son’s money to forward his “rap career”? IJS

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