Gloria James Problem Might be King James Problem

trouble in paradise?
gloria james,
lebron james mama,
knows how to pick em,

doesn’t she?
well i knew this “lambo” character was gonna be problems in the future.
when she started dating him,
he was doing entirely too much.
he was caught cheating on auntie g and they broke up.
of course,
lambo took to instagram because he had a lot to say via baller alert
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Guess Who May Have A New Step Dad?

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 7.47.17 PM

King James officially crowned his Queen a few months back. Now it seems LeBron’s Mom Gloria ( age: 44 ) is following in her son’s footsteps. According to our source, Gloria’s boyfriend, Da Real Lambo ( age: 31 year old rapper ), popped the big question over the Christmas holiday. Gloria and Da Real are set to wed Spring 2014. It’s great to know that LeBron will have a nice Jewish role model in his new Stepdaddy.

he real new money too.
congrats gloria and mister lambo!

lowkey: ( x this picture ) with him in them christmas socks on.
i sniggled.

found: terez owens

x visit da real lambo on instagram