Guess Who May Have A New Step Dad?

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King James officially crowned his Queen a few months back. Now it seems LeBron’s Mom Gloria ( age: 44 ) is following in her son’s footsteps. According to our source, Gloria’s boyfriend, Da Real Lambo ( age: 31 year old rapper ), popped the big question over the Christmas holiday. Gloria and Da Real are set to wed Spring 2014. It’s great to know that LeBron will have a nice Jewish role model in his new Stepdaddy.

he real new money too.
congrats gloria and mister lambo!

lowkey: ( x this picture ) with him in them christmas socks on.
i sniggled.

found: terez owens

x visit da real lambo on instagram

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Guess Who May Have A New Step Dad?”

  1. Wow Lebron’s mother look real good for her age while her son and fiancee look old for their age. I guess some blacks do crack.

  2. I guess that rumor about her and Delonte West was true, she does like them young. Where there is smoke there is fire. I do not care what LeBron says, I know he is not comfortable with his mom dating a man near his age.

  3. You have to wonder, is he really in love or did he propose because of who her son is?I had no idea how old Lebron’s mom was.44!?I watched his documentary a long time ago so I’m going to assume she had him when she was a teenager.Weird, he looks older than she does.

    What does the Jewish influence thing mean?

  4. SMH at this Fuckery and Foolery that is Gloria James, nothing to see here folks just another ratchet celebrity hood-rat mom who got a little change now. These celebrity moms such as Ann Iverson, Frankie, Janice Combs and the list goes on will continue to embarrass their celebrity seeds every chance they get. I actually know someone who had the pleasure of hanging out with Mama James during a celebrity all-star weekend and I was told that she is ghetto and ratchet as hell and loves young dudes. Everyone can see this train wreck waiting to happen, I would suggest nothing more than a $25 gift card from Wal-Mart for a wedding gift so as you want be out of too much money when this ends up on a episode of Divorce Court.

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