king james shows us how he gets tremendous power in his glutes

king james puts in a lot of work.
even on lock down,
he is very dedicated to his craft.


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All band and core work! Let’s work folks! Who with me??? #StriveforGreatness🚀

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you know his work out routine is intense af,
especially when it comes to his legs and glutes.
oh the glutes!
running up and down the court,
you know your lower half is where all the power lies.
king james takes his glute game very serious…

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king james: in the thick of it all

king james is thick.
i know he thick.
you know he thick.
he know he thick.
this is the video is put upon his ig…
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the one thing king james can’t rule is his hair follicles

the other night,
i had a random dream i was king james assistant.
i don’t remember much of it,
but i know it was innocent.
i’m sure it was because i fell asleep watching him on “ellen”:

his bawdy >>>
he is just tall and massive.
he fills out everywhere.
would we consider him “thick”?
well i know that king james has had some issues with his hair.
over the years,
he has been the source of many jokes and memes.
this is the alleged latest one from a few days ago…
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king james keeps the president seething

if you didn’t think he was the king before…
so lebron james is out here doing the Lord’s work.
as you know,
he just ( x opened up an elementary school ) called “i promise”.
it’s in his hometown of akron, ohio.
i bet if anyone tries to shade him,
all he gotta say is “open up a school”.
as you also know,
he called trump a bum in a tweet last year:

…and he explained more about it in a recent interview with don lemon:

well our busy and mature president found time to respond on his usual.
this is what he tweeted about lebron and even don…
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king james gets his butt in the gym (hump day happenings)

as you know,
or don’t,
but king james is about to dominate in la next season.
he is a laker now and shit might just get ugly.
bye cleveland.
 i don’t care what anyone tells me,
but king james has one of the best nba bawdies in the league.
a foxholer sent me videos of him working out recently.
this was the first (hump day happy)…
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King James Goes Down and Takes A Ride

imagine sitting on the new yawk train,
minding your business,
and a bunch of tall black baller wolves stroll on?
this isn’t your fantasies of a gang bang.
it’s what happened today with the cleveland cavs.
king james and his teammates decided to take the mta.
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