king james: in the thick of it all

king james is thick.
i know he thick.
you know he thick.
he know he thick.
this is the video is put upon his ig…

it looks like he’ll bust out his pants at any given moment.
i.e when he appeared on “ellen”:

and who could forget the great “banana boat” incident back in ’15:

i keep tellin’ ya’ll that i love his bawdy.
it’s meat and muscle in all the right places.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “king james: in the thick of it all”

  1. Yes!! Think in all the right places!! I bet his teammates and other players envy his body, and lust/fantasize about it!! I know I couldn’t keep my hands off of him!!

      1. dumbest move he made was moving to California. Although he does nada for me, you know she not the only one gettin’ the lovin’. So if they ever get divorced…she will get PAID.
        AND she’s been with him from the start of his career…cha-ching! LOL

          1. He wants to get into the entertainment industry, whether in front of the camera, or behind it. He’s already had a few production deals, appeared in various films, and has Space Jam 2 coming sometime next year (I believe).

            That was one of the reasons he went to the Lakers. The other is believing he can bring them another championship.

  2. He is so d@mn sexy! That handsome face, juicy peach and those muscled bow-legs lay me out, but what tops it all (LOL) is he’s smart and outspoken, and can dress his @ss off. When I see him in those Tom Browne suits I get the vapors. Mrs. LeBron is one lucky duckie!

  3. I was on Twitter and apparently someone decided to make a post about his feet and how almost all athletes have hideous feet. I was skeptical until I went and googled and….


    1. Yeah, as nice as LeBron’s body is, his feet are jacked. He definitely would have to wear socks around me all the time unless we were in the pool or at the beach, lol. I dont know if bad feet is necessarily a deal breaker for me, especially when the person is fyne everywhere else and has a nice personality. But if you suck in other areas AND got bad feet too, then no thanks!

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