you’re too young to have grindr, baby

 parents need to always know what they’re cubs are doing.
i know it’s hard.
i was good at getting around my parent’s rules.
i was cyber-sexin’ all over aim on my parent’s computer.
i was sort of a horny young slut.
now that we live in such an advanced social media age,
there are some real sick perverts roaming these digital forests.
^that one up top is a grreat example.
instead of setting a better example due to his job,
he decided he wanted to become “the example” instead.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the post”

A Massachusetts police officer accused of raping a 13-year-old boy he had met on a dating app was ordered held without bail Tuesday, authorities said.

Lawrence Officer Carlos Vieira, 49, was ordered held pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Friday after he was arraigned on two counts of aggravated rape of a child and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, according to the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Kim Faitella told Judge Lynn Rooney that prosecutors were contacted by the teen’s mother Jan. 29 after learning that her son had sexual contact with a police officer.

“The investigation revealed that the boy and the defendant allegedly were in contact through the social media app GRINDR,” according to a news release by the district attorney’s office.

The alleged rape took place after Vieira met the teen at Mt. Vernon Park in Lawrence before engaging in sexual acts on one occasion last summer. The boy then recognized Vieira as the man he met at the park when he spotted the officer on crowd control duty following a gas explosion in September, prosecutors said.

Vieira, who joined the force in 1999, was placed on administrative leave following his arrest, the Boston Globe reports.

Vieira’s attorney, Gil Nason, said his client was mistaken for another man.

“The big question here is identification as to whether or not they even picked the right person,” Nason told WBZ-TV, adding that a photo array displayed by investigators did not positively identify Vieira. “That’s an accusation. That’s sometimes all it takes. As far as we know, there is no DNA, there’s no forensics in this case. It’s just an ID of somebody saying something. And that’s why we’re here.”

what blows me away about this story tho…

Why does a 13-year-old have “Grindr”?!?!!?

i know parents who have crazy parental shit on their kid’s phones.
you can’t even access youtube wihout a password.
how did “grindr” slip by this family?
either way,
if he is guilty of this crime,
he needs to be underneath the entire jail.
his job is to protect and not violate.

lowkey: the hyenas and jackals he arrested in the past…
they are gonna have fun with his ass. 

article cc: the post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “you’re too young to have grindr, baby”

  1. Can I be honest ? I live in a mid-sized city & when I was younger figuring out my sexuality, being a horny teen I had many encounters with much older men, some of whom I still see around town today at 26yo. If the boy is 13 and actively on grindr it seems to me he wanted the sex! Kids these days look mature than their actual age so what if he lied about his age? Don’t get me wrong the officer is sick but I don’t think I would turn in the guys I’ve been with because I welcomed it!

    1. ^hmm you make a good point.

      i was cyber sexing older wolves.
      i won’t even act like they were my age.
      they were easier to “get” if that makes sense

    2. Antonio, go sit your fast behind in a corner. You can justify it by saying you were a fast little thot pocket all you want. If this was your son, you’d be yelling every “impressionable young boy”, “He was taken advantage of”. I cannot stand when gay men rationalize pedophilia because they were trying to be grown.

      1. ^i take full responsibility for my actions as a young fast thot.
        i’m glad i never met any of these males,
        but i was definitely experimenting with my “trying to be grown”

        1. Chris Brown bragged about losing virginity at the age of 8 by his babysitter. He doesn’t realize he was molested, because we’ve created a world where men want sex, even if they don’t know what’s going on. If a female teacher sleeps with a boy, his father says, “That’s my boy! Living the dream!” Is Chris Brown in a successful relationship, now? Everybody loves to brag about how they were “fast”, but did any of it translate into being happy?
          A 13 year old has hormones and may want sex. That doesn’t mean that they need it.

          1. ^i was trying to find myself while under a very strict household that thought being gay was a sin.
            i was definitely not happy at all.

      2. Based on the comments Antonio wrote, it didn’t appear to me he was justifying/rationalizing anything, but rather sharing his personal experience and stating how he felt at the time and now… so how bout u chill the fuck out Mr. Banks… smdh.

    3. I have to agree with you Antonio. Not saying its right but I was a thot back when I was 14. Most teens have smartphones and Grindr is free. Most parents aren’t checking their teenager’s phones like that unless they’re on some suspect shit that makes the parents think they have to question it.

      I was meeting older men at the age of 14. When I look back I see how bad it looks (because it IS) but I was fast and I wanted sex. I remember being really hormonal at that age and just wanted a release. When you’re of that age, if you want something such as accessible as SEX, you’re going to find your way around it. I also would lie about my age too, I was over 6′ by the age of 14 so it was easy to pretend that I was 18 because guys never questioned it.

      HOWEVER there are men who will HAPPILY sleep with underage teens KNOWINGLY and that is as sick as they come.

  2. Kids are smart with tech. They know how to jailbreak, crack and hack. And he probably bought his own phone if his parents were even paying attention.

  3. A 13 year old can not consent to sex.There is a reason there are laws that prohibit children from drinking,driving,etc at age 12,13,14,etc.There is a reason there are statutory rape laws.We must protect our children.IMO this is no different than the R Kelly supporters who say the 14 year old girls he filmed himself having sex with and peeing on consented.No it’s statutory rape.Grown ass men and women leave underage children/teens alone.There are plenty of adults over 18 out there.

    I just saw a post from the mother of a girl in Flint, Michigan.The little girl was a Little Miss Flint,she is an activist who has been working on the Flint Water Crisis,she has met with Obama a few times.Well anyway she is 11 years old and her mom screenshot DMs of a grown ass men trying to talk to her.Her mom monitors her page so the girl doesn’t see the messages.She has an IG because of her activism work.It’s obvious that she is 11 by her appearance,actually she looks like she is about 9 to me in some of her pics.So why are 30, 40 year old men sending her DMs ?

    Teens lie,teens make poor decisions,that’s why adults need to be responsible and say, “No,you are a child ,you are under age,let me see your ID” .

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