kill it with fire.

i thought i was seeing a unicorn.
lemme not disrespect unicorns.
i like them too much.
it was like seeing bigfoot.
you go camping,
and while you looking for a wifi signal,
you come face to face with an urban legend.
you was so scared,
you ran instead of taking a picture for proof.
i got the picture today tho.
it was the most interesting thing on my way to work…

a maga supporter…
and in new yawk of all places.

how brave of him.

i was wondering what this random black wolf looked so upset about.
i’d hate to think they’re multiplying up here.
i figured they’d spawn further down south.
i’m surprised no one snuffed that old coot.
don’t he know folks don’t take too kindly to those hats:

he’ll learn eventually.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “kill it with fire.”

  1. Hey @RyanAFournier I will deal with these attacks by letting him attack this body. The snow bunnies will seethe. And we’ll still be Black and beautiful. Imagine being jealous of someone whose skin is permanently ashy. Whose emotions are betrayed by their thin skin. Who could never make it in the skin that I’m in. Who need to speak to a manager when they cannot deal. Who would not dare call out to God, because He’d judge them and ish would get real. They’re not ready for Karma.

    1. Ryan sounds like someone who bullied Black students during segregation. The caucacity of calling that an attack. Snow bunnies can catch these nonviolent hands, but never this D.

  2. You should have accidentally knocked it off when you got off at your stop. Dramatically falling and snatching it off.

  3. Republicans have become a symbol of White supremacy. Miss me with the Democratic plantation. I am for Black people. The Just-Us system is and never was for us. They’re not for me. Send me back to Wakanda with my reparations and see how this country will crumble. They were rotting in their own dirty bathwater without wash cloths, culture, music, art and science.

  4. You have to watch out for these MAGA kids. They are gearing up for 2020 big time. Their new game seems to be wearing their propaganda, provoking confrontations, filming, and claiming victimhood. Even worse they’re using their cubs to do it. It feels like everyday I’m seeing some MAGA faking a victim story. I just hope people dont take the bait.

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