how far “being on the low” has cum (come)

2005“noah’s arc” made its debut on logo.
for me,
it was a show that started the ball rolling to where we are now.
the plot was about masculine dl gay wolf falling for a feminine out fox.
not many got to watch,
but those who tuned in where pretty much hooked on that story line.
with some searching,
it brought the idea that a relationship like that “can” happen.

2007“on the down low:
a journey into the lives of straight black men who sleep with men” was released.
j.l. king,
the author,
brought the word “down low” to the mainstream.
i mean,
he was on oprah with the shit.
we always knew this kinda thing existed,
but it was always very hush hush or “i don’t believe it”.
it was the start of many of a witch hunt,
with paranoid vixens at the front lines,
but it started whispers on the secret lives of dl males who sleep with other males.

2008“hiding in hip-hop” by terrance dean was thrown into the ring.
it was another book that put a spotlight on the dl,
but the ones who were down low in black hollywood.
star fox (rip) was the first to read it and urged me to buy it.
that is the book that actually made me a believer.
i was hooked.
could many of the males i fantasized about be out here messing with males?

2009 – “the foxhole” was born.

somewhere before all of that,
there were wendy’s rumors and other shenanigans that all makes sense these days.
in 2019,
we have come a long way from those days of questions and confusion.
now we have “straight rappers boldly getting head in leaked videos…

…and being upfront they were “curious” and “wanted to try it”,
even admitting they will do it again and no fucks will be given.

in the past few months,
we’ve had an alleged dl pastor caught giving a pounding to a fox on his back.
( x see video here )
“onlyfans” has attentionistos secretly entertaining gay males for likes and popularity.
something that would be so private is how some are make a solid  living.
all those situations use to be done “on the down low”,
but now…

It’s a brand new day

these days,
a majority of males are not scared as they once were.
in fact,
we are braver than ever.
movies and tv shows are showing male sexuality in many ways.
i feel like social media has upped the curiosity fact too.

Have you seen some of these pages?

it’s all advertising,
and thirst trapping.
it has made it easier for celebs to connect with their lessers.
with the right look,
you could land you a ball playa or at least somebody with a car.

not every male is gay and “on the low” tho.
ima stop you right there.

He could very well be bisexual and on the low

so your dreams of fuckin’ your fantasy are not that far off.
the real question is…

How much are they charging?

back then,
it was “if i’m feeling you then i’m down to experiment”.
those types i find be at school or at work.
if you go the social media route

Dick pic: 50
Sex video: 150
Come and fuck me: 500

…or they all work out to go home and fuck themselves.

either way,
we have come a long way and i’m sure it will only get better.

lowkey: i wish star fox was alive to see how far we’ve cum.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “how far “being on the low” has cum (come)”

  1. Being DL doesn’t have that mystery, that intrigue sense that it did in the 90s. In the 90s, the general public didn’t have any acknowledge about that lifestyle and wasn’t able to recognize the signs. So there were a lot curiosity about it. Out of that curiosity came conversations, novels, plays and movies on the lifestyle Today, you are should be able to recognize the signs of a DL or closet dude. When someone tells me that they are DL…I laugh…

    1. ^is the better term is “private” now? lol

      i’m glad i saw all sides of being dl before it became what it is today.
      not the 90s so much,
      but from the late 2000s and on.

    2. I get what you mean, I actually don’t feel like there’s a “DL” nowadays like so much goes down. Plus you can’t tell a gay male from a straight male nowadays. All men kinda dress the same.

  2. That’s not curious. Curious is
    2) Being fully dressed and having it stick out of your fly
    3) Eyes closed, imagining a woman

    He WANTED to document this. I wonder if he’ll actually be able to make a career. Porn and Black people never seems to boost careers like it does for White people.

  3. Everything was better before social media became prevalent! I still to this day wish technology never existed! So much has changed since it became mainstream! Attentionis the focal point of everyone perspective! They want to one up the next person and that is what this foolishness is now! I blame Milan Christopher and anyone else wanting to glorified this mess!

  4. First, I love posts like these.

    Second, my take on this. I discovered Noah’s Arc when it first came out. I was online and saw this pilot clip as an AVI file, downloaded it and watched on the laptop. When I saw it I was amazed. Never seen anything like it in my young discreet gay life. I immediately showed my friends of this new treasure and it started spreading and we were calling folks like a bunch of cackling goofballs. Over time I noticed how folks wanted their Wade. DL masculine guy you’d fall in love with. Everyone wanted to be Noah, we instinctively made the thots of our groups, Ricky.

    Anyways, off that nostalgia trip. Here’s what Im seeing. Social media is making it easier for escorts to ho without having to trick physically, tho some prefer to do that still for higher amounts. The lazy scammers use OF and stuff like that.

    We live in this era where people will do ANYTHING for a like. These men that do this are far from straight. They are bisexual (& stupid). I think the new generations ways of trying to blur gender norms is faulty & it’s more about people not wanting to be held accountable for their actions. They think getting rid of the label nullifies the act. Foolish. Im not gonna step more into that subject. I will say that sadly, I think social media era is a beautiful bow on a pile of shit. I think it just makes it easier for DL men to lie and hide even more. It makes it easier for actual heterosexual men to pretend to claim gay and either take your money or set you up you to rob you and take your money.

    What I’m seeing is not acceptance, but a super sexed flood of narcissistic people promoting sex with no intimacy at ALL. I call these digital fuckboys and the same can be for the females, digital thotbots who basically sell themselves online and build a reputation that will follow them for the rest of their lives and people will judge them for it because they are literally all over the internet. Some people think they will have a body and flawless face forever. Let them live in the moment of realization when no one actually cares what they think.

    I’m not saying anything wrong with subscription to dudes or whatever you do with your own money I’m just talking bout them other types of dudes who scam and full of shit.

    I actually think things are getting worse but ever so subtly. There seems to be no order anymore. Think about it. You have women putting strapons on, fucking men & saying it’s heterosexual behavior when women don’t even have dicks (dumb trend started by men who secretly want to get fucked), you have FTM having sex with men and it’s been marketed as gay porn (what?? I’m still confused by this), then you have this raw movement with sex resurging (especially with black gay porn), meanwhile other types of STDs are getting stronger and some folks still don’t give af. Some of them.probably think just cause they take baths and rub Shea moisture and coconut oil on they bootyhole, they

    I also noticed an increase in child pornography circulating over the internet and for some reason lots of porn seems to be infatuated with the idea of incest these days (Just wtf). Things just keep getting more perverse if you ask me and slowly becoming more mainstream. Keep your eyes open and watch as the years go on.

    People are so damn fake. Talking about relationship goals and then they broke up next week saying “It’s complicated”. …😒 All this is to me is people not wanting to actually commit to anything but want attention. Do anything for a like or to make other folks envious of them.

    I want to be hopeful about it, but nah. We are in one big ass mess of a situation from the government on down and it’s all because we have no order or structure like we used to as a society. I think it’s good some things have opened up like you stated in your post…but looking at the bigger picture…it’s like this jigsaw puzzle..

    I don’t think nothing is wrong with a dude experimenting if they are young. I don’t train grown men tho. You either want dick, pussy or you want both. I’ve never bought into today’s blurry lined sexuality bullshit cause I know it’s all just dramatic marketing to control people through media and take their money. My self esteem ain’t that low to the point where I’m playing Russian roulette with dick or puss puss cause some medical jerkoff decided I’m a whatchamacallit sexo-flexible. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Got to see the Straight dude from Noah’s Arc naked at my hotel around 2008. I was managing overnight and he checked in with a cute asian female flight attendant he clearly just picked up on his flight in. Flight attendants had a contract for rooms down the street so she was clearly DTF. I introduced myself and wished him a good evening. About twenty minutes later I got called to the desk by the desk staff saying he wanted to speak to me. I thought maybe something was wrong with his room. It was just he needed a condom and didn’t wanna say that to the old lady at the desk. I always had a spare so I was at that door in record time. He answered the door naked and wanted to offer a tip. He was all that in person. Too bad he didn’t get to many acting roles after that show.

        1. I was trying to be professional and not look down but I did scope out that ass when he turned to get the tip money. Taller than I expected, but still muscular like the photos above. He was in town for an appearance at a gay club so maybe he’s at least bi (?) Nice dude.

    2. Don’t even get me started on those former gay porn actors stripping for women now in ATL.

      “I actually think things are getting worse but ever so subtly. There seems to be no order anymore. Think about it. You have women putting strapons on, fucking men & saying it’s heterosexual behavior when women don’t even have dicks (dumb trend started by men who secretly want to get fucked), you have FTM having sex with men and it’s been marketed as gay porn (what?? I’m still confused by this), then you have this raw movement with sex resurging (especially with black gay porn), meanwhile other types of STDs are getting stronger and some folks still don’t give af. Some of them.probably think just cause they take baths and rub Shea moisture and coconut oil on they bootyhole, they”

      1. ^you make an excellent point.

        dating as a whole is getting worst.
        i sort of liked the days when the internet was still new and folks ventured to explore.
        now it’s a whole free for all that no one can’t control anymore.

  5. While Noah’s arc was a great show. I cringe at the “falling in love with a DL boy” plot now. It’s very cliche but hey it was 05 and never a black lgbtq show before hand so we should be happy right? I feel like the ball was extremely dropped, now web series are porn.

  6. I mean, it’s all messy, but nothing wrong with these dude getting coin for their bodies. Women have been doing it since the beginning of time. If I had a nice body, I’d be in my drawrs on the gram every damn day.

  7. The beginning of this entry reminds me of Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and all the classic shows we used to race home to watch after school. While Noah Arc was cheesy it was a first for black LGBT. Of course I don’t believe in the DL masculine Messiah, things do happen. People do find their switch & it gets turned on.

    Like most of us in our late 20s and up experience goes far beyond sucking a DL wolf dick at the park.

    I’ve only actually messed with one DL, but I’ve encountered enough to know the lingo and body language. The sly shit they say, the eye contact. It comes with years of experience. It only took me one time never fun with any of them again. There are different types tho. There are different classes of DL.

    I always believe in that one key rule. : Those eyes.

    8/10 if a dude is around me. I can tell if he wants to fuk me or not. I observe EVERYTHING if I get the chance to.

    Like some of you know when some of the frats or ball players be in they groups back in college and there is always that one dude who fucks around…And when you walk by his eyes dart to you but he quickly shifts back to talking to his boys to make it obvious. They always watching lol. I used to know who was down but I acted oblivious of course, lol. This for the college DL wolves. I work near a University, trust me I know.

    I’ve been celibate for a long time too and missed out on a LOT of potential dick appointments over these years but I think I saved myself some unnecessary stress.

    Some of them DL dudes are pure fukboys 100%. Stay away from they asses like a plague. There are others that aren’t bad, they just scary af.

    And age don’t matter…One of my old professors was ancient as fuck, married and still trying fuk around. You gotta look at it like, they can be anyone at anytime, anywhere type of deal.

    The DL phenomenon is still alive. Straight women are still trying to see who on the low. They still have the signs to look for list when none of them know what to look for. You know that list…The one where it says to check your man’s underwear for blood stains. He might be suspect….😑

    The only knowledge they have comes from keeping gay men around.

    See I don’t fuk with certain females on certain levels. They are crafty individuals just as crafty as DL dudes. Being gay (with balancedbenergy) is wonderful. You have ability to read both men and women signals and when you learn to discern the overall body language of people, you can unmask anyone.

    I can tell you know though.. don’t ever mess with a man that has a woman and get feelings for him. You will lose. Ass never beats pussy, hands down plus the simple fact that women have asses too. Make sure you get a dude that like you for you.. Something I always say.

    1. jammy you come with the game! funny you mention female friends. ive been side eyeing one of my coworkers lately. she constantly throws little shade at me whenever she’s around this particular guy and this same guy flirts with me on the low. i think she knows but im like sis im not checking for him lol. the energy overall is weird

      1. A lot women like to say gay men are competing with them on the slick when some of them are just jealous. I never used to think women get jealous of gay, but some of them do.

        I’d say be alert for signs and what…Hell, they might be bi and looking for a third partner. Ain’t no telling with these folks these days.

        1. its odd. maybe she is. they smashed plenty of times tho.

          ole boy is cute and all but i got my eyes on somebody else at the moment lol

  8. Kavious McNeil is someone just trying to catch some views from a “scandal”. I had to Google him to see who he was. Yawn.

  9. I’m 22 so I didn’t get to experience Noah’s Arc when it was on air. I was 8 when it first premiered so I didnt know anything about homosexuality at the time. Thanks to growing up with the internet I managed to catch up and watch it online when I was !4/15. Honestly I will say the show and movie helped me come to terms with being gay. Its a timeless series and still watchable to this day. Such a shame that a mainstream show hasn’t been picked up since that is centered around black gay men.

    Oh, and Wade will forever be bae. Ricky was my boo when I first watched the show as a teen because he was such careless whore and he was really attractive, but Wade is just as gorgeous and the way he carried himself on the show was more attractive to me in the long-run. I don’t believe most DL dudes in his position would do what he did in real life though. Noah’s Arc was very fairy tale-like. But its a good show for teens who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality because it normalizes homosexuals and shows that we deal with regular things just like heterosexual people, however we are still able to live our lives and have fun too.

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